Calculus-based and Algebra-based Programs
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Calculus-based and Algebra-based Programs

Engineering programs

  • Are calculus-based
  • Emphasize the underlying theory of applications in business and industry
  • Provide intensive work in experimental methods and related underlying theories in the lab courses
  • Apply general design principles and tools related to a wide variety of problems

Technology programs

  • Are generally algebra-based, although calculus is taught and it's use is required
  • Emphasize the application of current technical knowledge and methods in the solution of current business and industrial problems
  • Use practical design solutions and manufacturing and evaluation techniques appropriate for industrial problems
  • Apply current, well-established design procedures to problems in specialized technical areas

After Graduation

The differences exist on a continuum, but you will generally find the following to be true about the career paths engineering and technology students follow after they graduate.

ASME Engineering Technology-Engineering Chart