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Storm Advisory

Blizzard conditions are now impacting our region and a Connecticut statewide travel ban is in effect. The University will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 27.  Day and evening classes are canceled. An updated advisory on the status of classes and operations for Wednesday will be posted Tuesday evening. During the time that the University is closed, the Commons, Subway, and Village Market will maintain regular hours for residential dining services and the Sports Center will be open for use by residential students only. Gengras Student Union and University Libraries are closed.   snow closing guide

All Hartt Community Division activities are canceled through Tuesday.

current as of 10:27 p.m., Jan. 26, 2015

Center for Manufacturing and Metrology NIKON LK V 10.7.6 HA

LK V bridge CMMs are standardly available in a wide range of measurement volumes ranging from LK V 6.5.4 to LK V 40.20.15 covering most inspection applications. For applications requiring specific or larger measurement volume, an LK V CMM can be delivered to the customer’s needs.

NIKON LK V 10.7.6 HA

  • Granite table with ceramic Y & Z guideways
  • Raised X-axis guideway provides ultrafast dynamics
  • S-axis 0.1 micron scale
  • Multi-sensor capability
  • Pneumatic anti-vibration mounts
  • Temperature compensation as standard


  • Increased scanning performance delivering high accuracy and throughput
  • Increased stiffness and stability of the metrology frame
  • Ready for shop floor and metrology lab


  • Analog, digital or laser scanning
  • Automotive, engine and transmission components
  • Aerospace blade, engine and aircraft components
  • General precision engineering
  • Medical instruments


  • Volumetric accuracy
    • from 1.1μm+L/400 (LK V-SL)
    • from 0.7μm+L/600 (LK V-SL HA)
  • Repeatability
    • from 0.7μm (LK V-SL)
    • from 0.5μm (LK V-SL HA)
  • Velocity
    • up to 51m/min (LK V-SL)
    • 20m/min (LK V-SL HA)
  • Acceleration
    • up to 5065m/min2 (LK V-SL)
    • 722m/min2 (LK V-SL HA)
LK V-SL and LK V-SL HA - High accuracy bridge style CMM
Preferred sizes
f(other sizes available on request)
Probe head Probes
8.7.6  10.10.8  20.12.10
10.7.6  15.10.8
PH10MQ TP200
LC15Dx, LC50Cx, LC60Dx, XC65D (-LS)

Ceramics for LK PREMIUM performance
Stress-free ceramic guideways are most dimensionally stable, provide high and long-lasting measurement accuracy, and require minimum machine verification, saving both time and money.