Collaboration with Herat University Publications
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Collaboration with Herat University Publications

June 2009

University of Hartford faculty and Herat University faculty present papers at American Society for Engineering Education conference, Austin, Texas.

  • "Analysis and Revision of the ‘English for Engineers’ Program at Herat University, Western Afghanistan" (B. Richards, M.S. Keshawarz, H. Alnajjar)

  • "Modernizing Engineering Education at Herat University: A Partnership Between University of Hartford and Herat University" (M.S. Keshawarz, H. Alnajjar, B. Richards, A.H. Sofizada)

  • "A Mechatronics Program as an Alternative to Separate Programs in Electrical and Mechanical in Developing Countries" (H. Alnajjar, M.S. Keshawarz, A. Abu-aisheh, S. Moslehpour, N.A. Almady, D. Shetty)

"Modern and Traditional Architecture Education in Herat" (M.S. Keshawarz, A. Kazemi, M. Khatibi, M. Crosbie)

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