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(In Reverse Chronological Order)

  • Campana, C., Shetty, D., Nazaryan, N., Gurimitka , A., Dinan, B., “Optomechanical Methodology for Feature Detection of Contour”, Report No.: EAC- 2011PW1, October 2011

  • Shetty, D., Campana, C.,  Atalay, M., “Precision Non-Contact Laser-Based Hybrid Measurement Methodology”, Report No.: EAC- 2011PW2, October 2011

  • Giacomoni, C., Jasinski, C., Edwards, S., Ignatiuk, D., Ormsbee, C., Wells, A.P., Vigeant, M.C., and Celmer, R.D.., "Final Report: Just Noticeable Difference of Clarity Index (C80), Phase 2", Report No.: EAC-2011-26, June 2011.

  • Lesser, A.M., Wells, A.P., Vigeant, M.C., and Celmer, R.D.,, "Contribution of Floor Treatment Characteristics to Background Noise Levels in Elementary School Classrooms Part 2", Report No.: EAC-2011-18, June 2011.

  • Giacomoni, C., Hornecker, A., Vigeant, M.C., and Celmer, R.D.,, "Contribution of Non-verbal and Non-ventilation Noise Sources to Background Noise Levels in Elementary School Classrooms, Part 1", Report No.: EAC-2010-13, May 2010.

  • Ahearn, M.J., Schaeffler, M.J., Celmer, R.D., and Vigeant, M.C., "The Just Noticeable Difference in the Clarity Index for Music, C80", Report No.: EAC-2009-11, June 2009.

  • Tanen, R., Silver, J., Vigeant, M.C., and Celmer, R.D., "Acoustic & Vibratory Characterization of Footfall Noise, Phase 2", Report No.: EAC-2008-17, June 2008.

  • Rawlings, Samantha, Magee, Joshua, Celmer, Robert, "Acoustic Characterization of Footfall Noise", Report No.: EAC-2007-19, June 2007.

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  • Celmer, Robert D., "Noise Analysis of the Aluminde Coatings, Acid Bath, and Plasma Booth Areas, Pratt & Whitney TAPC, North Haven, CT". Report No.: EAC-9602, February 1996.

  • Leone, D., Nowak, M., "Setting Lifting Limits for Elements Box on Lego's Autoline". Report No.: EAC-9605. February 1996.

  • Celmer, Robert D., "In Situ Acoustic Evaluation of the DePuy Sterile View back and Environmental Control System". Report No.: EAC-9606, May 1996.

  • Celmer, Robert D., Mill, A., Daley, M., "Vibration Control in Stanley® Hammers". Report No.: EAC-9607, May 1996.

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  • Celmer, Robert D., Dyer, C., Perry, J., "Noise Design for AAR Office Area". Report No.: EAC-9609, May 1996.

  • Steptura, M., Shetty, D., "Filtration System Specification of an Integrally Bladed Rotot (IBR) Automated Finishing System". Report No.: EAC-9610. June 1996.

  • Celmer, Robert D., "In Situ Acoustic Comparison of Surgical Helmet Systems for DePuy ProSourceTM". Report No.: EAC-9611, June 1996.

  • Campana, C., "Applying D.F.A. to the Design of a Multiple Outlet Strip Manufactured by Wiremold Co.". Report No.: EAC-9612. May 1996.

  • Campana, C., Hamdani., "Literature Review and Analysis of Vibratory Bowl Feeders for Lego System Inc., Enfield, CT". Report No.: EAC-9614. August 1996.

  • Celmer, Robert D., "Noise Investigation of Diana's Bakery", Enfield CT. Report No.: EAC-9510, June 1995.

  • Celmer, Robert D., "Static Insertion Loss Measurements of In-Duct Hamilton Standard Muffler Designs, Part 2." Report No.: EAC-9511, June 1995.

  • Celmer, Robert D., Lowther, S., Charron , M., "Machine Noise Analysis of a Lego Systems Wind Unit". Report No.: EAC-9512, June 1995.