Engineering Applications Center
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Engineering Applications Center

Laser Manufacturing

Papers and Presentations

  • Drilling Routine for Estimating, Analyzing and Modeling of Laser Processing: ICALEO 2006

  • New Approach to the Inspection of Cooling Holes in Aero-Engines: ALAC 2006, Optics East 2006

  • Non Contact Vibration Analysis Using Innovative Laser Based Methodology: ASEE 2006

  • Optimization of Parameters for Effective Welding of Aerospace Components: ICALEO 2006

  • Financing Strategies Used by Small & Mid-sized Firms Using Laser Manufacturing Technology to Supply the Aerospace Industry: ICALEO 2006

  • Non contact Inspection of Cooling Holes in Aero-Engines: IMECE 2006, Optics East 2006

  • Breakthrough Detection in Laser Drilling of Jet Engine Turbine Blades: ASEE 2006

Typical Graduate Thesis Topics

  • Davis Eason (Drilling Optimization, 2006)

  • Jason Bornas (Utility for Modeling, Analysis and Set Up)

  • Robert Wright (Research on Material Removal Rate in Shaped Holes)

  • George Yuska (Quality and Geometrically Optimized Drilling, 2006)

  • Farruqh Shahoub (Instrumentation for Hole Measurement)

  • Matt Dignazio (Investigation into Glass Frit Deposition, 2006)

  • Brain Pudvah (Investigation of Shaped Cooling Holes)

  • Yahaira Velaquez (Laser Cladding & Metallurgical Analysis)

  • Adil Widaatall (Welding Optimization with Fiber Lasers, 2006)

  • Santiago Noriega (Laser Vibrometer, 2006)

  • K. Ahmad (2005, prior to CCAT)