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Center for Manufacturing and Metrology Facilities and Equipment

CCAT Structured Light System


This affordable, accurate and easy to use Structured Light Scanning system for Inspection/Reverse Engineering has the options of single scan manual feature alignment, motion control alignment, photogrammetric dots, multiple scanner geometric object alignment and automated cleanup with noise filters, hole filling, scan merging, abnormal triangles and smoothing.

FARO Articulated Arm CMM


The FaroArm Platinum’s high accuracy renders traditional CMMs, hand tools and other portable inspection equipment obsolete. Anyone, anywhere can now inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-Part-analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with high precision. With its accuracy starting at ±0.029mm, 7-axis availability, 6-DOF probe, composite material construction, temperature and overload sensors, Bluetooth® cable-free operation and multi-probe capability, it is ideal for forming, molding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing basic 3D measurements or advanced GD&T and SPC output.

AMRAY Scanning Electron Microscope

Amray 1830

The Amray 1830 is our newest Scanning Electron Microscope and still a project in the works. It is a fully analytical SEM which is turbo pumped and uses a Tungsten filament. It is equipped with an EDAX 9800 X-ray system, a Robinson backscatter detector, and an Acorn computer controlled stage.

Zeiss Four-in-one Coordinate Measuring Machine

carl zeiss

Zeiss O-INSPECT is the best of optical and contact measuring technology for true 3D measurements. Each of the components used on O-INSPECT is a top performer and combined, they ensure maximum effectiveness. With its four in one capability (a microscope, a profile projector, a measuring machine and a contour measuring instrument), high-end optics, adaptive illumination system, contact measuring system with scanning functionality, visualization with CALYPSO, direct shop-floor use, multi-sensor check and user-friendly software, O-INSPECT can avoid unnecessary travel to quality inspection because the various jobs can be completed on the same machine. Furthermore, O-

INSPECT reduces the need for training thanks to its simple, uniform operating concept.

Zygo New View 7300 Surface Profiler

zygo nv

Zygo NewView 7300 - is a non-contact optical profilometer capable of producing highly accurate, 3D surface topography measurements. The 7300 rapidly measures heights from less than 1 micron up to 20 millimeters, with vertical resolution to 0.1 nm. It is ideally suited for inspecting step heights, MEMS devices, and many other applications. With the stitching option large areas can be measured and combined to form one image. It also has a stroboscopic measurement capability which will takes movies of moving structures like comb drives and oscillators.

Mahr Surf XR1


With the mobile surface measuring units from Mahr, Bluetooth technology was brought into the world of metrology. Based on this technology, Mahr carried out further developments. The result is the new MarSurf XR 1.
The MarSurf XR 1 combines mobile surface metrology with the advantages of a MarWin evaluation software. This means, for a roughness or waviness measurement, a simple all-in-one PC as well as the suitable drive unit suffice. Depending upon the customer's needs, laptops or industrial PCs can also be implemented. 
Bluetooth technology offers a special degree of freedom, for in addition to the cable connection between the drive unit and evaluation unit, the connection functions also cable-free. The measurement can be comfortably activated by touchscreen or the respective drive unit and the data transferred to the computer.
The surface measuring unit Marsurf XR 1 offers you the most cost-efficient entry to comfortable surface metrology.

MahrForm MMQ 100


The MarForm MMQ 100 offers superior accuracy in a rugged, shop floor hardened package. In combination with the EasyForm Software it represents the perfect solution for simple yet powerful measuring tasks.

NIKON LK V 10.7.6 HA


LK V bridge CMMs are standardly available in a wide range of measurement volumes ranging from LK V 6.5.4 to LK V 40.20.15 covering most inspection applications. For applications requiring specific or larger measurement volume, an LK V CMM can be delivered to the customer’s needs.


nexiv vmz r4540

The CNC Video Measuring System "NEXIV VMZ-R4540" is capable of accurately measuring the dimensions and shapes of high density and multi-layered electronic components.

Key Features: zoom systems provide a clear and low distortion image and high NA. The Type A zoom system is designed for a wide field of view and long working distance, Designed to detect the surfaces of thin transparent materials, the new Laser AF works with the same high speed and high accuracy as the VMR series Laser AF, Episcopic, diascopic and ring illuminations employ white LEDs and provide stability and long life. The new ring light system has three incident angles designed for correct edge capture, streamlined and logical software, measuring accuracy is further improved, faster throughput.

Nikon ShuttlePix P-400R Digital Microscope

nikon shuttlepix p 400r

NIKON ShuttlePix - The ShuttlePix P-400R Digital Microscope from Nikon Metrology is a portable digital microscope that has a sleek, compact design well suited for onsite use. With its “grab it and go” concept, easy operation, 20x optical zoom, motorized focusing stand, multiple stage options, and ShuttlePix editor software’s simple measurements, 3D image reconstruction, and cross-section display, operators can use the ShuttlePix for inspection, observation, simple measurement and recording of high-resolution images in industrial applications, as well as other practical imaging applications where an object needs to be inspected on site and in its correct position without risk of damage.