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About Us

The Center for Manufacturing and Metrology is jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) and the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, University of Hartford.

The primary laboratory for manufacturing resides at CCAT facility at 409 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT and includes:
  • PRIMA Convergent Laser P50L Nd:YAG

  • IPG Photonics YLP-1/100/20

  • Nutfield Technology Cipher V10 Sealed CO2 Pulsed Laser

  • DMG Lasertec 80 “Power Shape”

  • IPG Photonics 10 kW “Fiber” Laser

  • Trumpf VectorMark Nd:Vanadate Laser Marking System

  • Kuka Robot (KR 30 HA)

  • 3D Microscopy - Keyence (vhx 500)

  • Nikon SMZ 1200 Steroscope

  • Structured light scanner for metrology inspection and reverse engineering.

The primary metrology lab is housed in Dana Hall 102 at the University of Hartford. The University of Hartford machine shop has facilities in turning, milling, and grinding operations. The facilities include a CNC machine tool and a 3D Rapid Prototype Printer. The laboratory has several laser based equipment such as Surface Roughness Measurement Instruments - Federal Pocket Surf, Computerized Surface Roughness Analyzer CSRA-1000, Probe Type Roughness Sensor, and image processing system.

Organizational chart