Green 707 first time recorded
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Green 707 first time recorded

Green 707 time

Green 707’s record has been officially recorded by the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA)! NEDRA exists to raise awareness of electric vehicle performance and to encourage advances in the technology through competition. NEDRA organizes and sanctions safe electric vehicle drag racing events.

                Green 707 had to meet many requirements to earn a NEDRA record, including track requirements, eligibility, rules set forth by the organization, and to follow the record submission procedure. Paul Mangelsdorf, the club’s president, is excited to see if the new batteries they have ordered will yield even better results next time they hit the track. Professor Hemchandra Shertukde, the club’s faculty advisor, is proud of the club’s recent accomplishments and looks forward to seeing what new modifications can be made to improve the vehicle’s performance.

The overall list of records can be seen here;

The list of college records can be found here;

Below are the rules and requirements the team met in order to earn a NEDRA record.                                          

Record Rules

1) Track Requirements:
     Any 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile approved tracks.
     Approved Tracks must meet one of the following; 
     Authorized for IHRA or NHRA events
     Authorized for FIA events
     Authorized for FIA affiliated organization events
     Additional tracks recognized by NEDRA

2) Eligibility:
      Vehicle driver must be a NEDRA member prior to any record run.
       NEDRA Race Form must be filled out and signed off for each event prior to any record run.
       A NEDRA officer or Regional Manager may collect driver membership dues at an event as long as they are collected prior to any runs being made by the driver.
       Vehicle owner must be a NEDRA member prior to the submission of any records.
        Records must be submitted within 45 days of the date on the record time slip.
        Vehicle must meet applicable NEDRA Class and Voltage Specifications.
        Vehicle must meet applicable track sanctioning body (NHRA or equivalent) Specifications.
         Driver must meet applicable track sanctioning body (NHRA or equivalent) license and rule requirements as required by the event.
         Records can be attempted at sanctioned NEDRA events or independently by the vehicle owner at any approved track.
         Only a sanctioned NEDRA multi-day event can use time slips spanning multiple days. All other events shall require same day/ same event time slips. Participants in NEDRA multi-day events can potentially earn multiple records on different days.

3) Rules:
           Owner, driver and vehicle must meet all eligibility requirements
           Records may be set in any class and voltage division for 1/8 or 1/4 mile distances.
           A vehicle may only set one record at each Event. 
           A valid time slip must not include a driver error (red light). 
           A record time must include a backup time from the same Event.
           If two times are within 1% of each other, the quicker time shall be the record time and the other time shall be the backup time.
           If two times differ by more than 1%, the quicker time shall be the backup time and the other time shall be the record time.

4) Record Submission Procedure:
     NEDRA Race Form must be properly filled out by the vehicle owner and signed by the track inspector. Two valid time slips are required.

If you would like to join the club or find out more information, please contact Professor Hemchandra Shertukde,, or Paul Mangelsdorf, You may also follow the clubs Facebook for more frequent updates on the team’s progress: