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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Slaboch, P.E. and Morris, S.C. “Passive Control of a Flow-Excited Helmholtz Resonator”, in preparation for submission to Experiments in Fluids (2016)

Ma, R., Slaboch, P. E., and Morris, S. C. (2009), “Fluid mechanics of a flow-excited Helmholtz resonator,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol 623, pp 1-26.

Slaboch, P. E., Morris, S. C., Ma, R., Shannon, D., Gleason, M., and Puskarz, M. (2009), “Window buffeting measurements of a full scale vehicle and simplified small scale models,” SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems, Vol. 2 no. 1, pp 410-418.

Morris, S. C., Stolpa, S. R., Slaboch, P. E., and Klewicki, J. C. (2007), “Near-surface particle image velocimetry measurements in a transitionally rough-wall atmospheric boundary layer,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol 580, pp 319-338.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Slaboch, P.E., Stephens, D.B., and Van Zante, D.E., “Effects of Aft Rotor on Int-rotor Flow of Open Rotor Propulsion System,” paper accepted to ASME Turbo Expo, June 13-17, 2016, Seoul, South Korea

Slaboch, P.E., Picone, R., and Bornasal, F., “The Second Iteration of a Novel Set of Three Courses for Teaching Electrical System Analysis to Mechanical Engineering Students,” abstract accepted to 123rd Annual ASEE Conference and Exposition, June 26-29, 2016, New Orleans, LA

Buehn, J.A., and Slaboch, P.E., “Computational Analysis of Active Control of Flow-Excited Helmholtz Resonator,” 22nd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, June 22-26, 2015, Dallas, TX, AIAA-2015-3413

Picone, R., and Slaboch, P.E., “A Novel Three Course Sequence to Teach Electrical Concepts to Mechanical Engineering Students,” presented at ASEE Rocky Mountain Section Conference, April 10-11, 2015, Denver, CO.

Slaboch, P. E., “An Operational Model for the Prediction of Jet Blast,” 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 9-12, 2012, Nashville, TN. AIAA-2012-1229.

Slaboch, P. E., Ma, R. and Morris, S.C., “Vortical-acoustic interactions in a flow-excited Helmholtz resonator at low Mach numbers,” 14th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, May 8-10, 2008, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. AIAA-2008-2849

Slaboch, P. E., and Morris, S. C., “Sound and Vibration Produced by an Airfoil Tip in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow with an Elastic Wall,” 12th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, May 5-7, 2006, Cambridge, Massachusetts. AIAA-2006-2408.

Slaboch, P. E., Stolpa, S. R. and Morris, S. C. “Spatially resolved near surface motions in the atmospheric boundary layer using PIV,” 11th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, August 9-12, 2004, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana.