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University Service


Service to the University

Committee for Improving UG Learning, Member 2017

CS/MDW Search Committee, Member, 2016-present

Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation (CTEI)

Faculty Advisory Committee, Member, 2016-present

IT Strategic Plan Solution Team, Goal VI: Research & Knowledge Creation, 2016

Sabbatical Committee, Chair, 2015-present

Faculty Affairs Committee, Member, 2013-present

Protocol Committee, Member

  • University High School of Science and Engineering (UHSSE), 2007-present

Faculty Senate Grievance Committee, Member, 2013-2016

Ribicoff Endowed Professorship Screening Committee, Chair, Spring 2016

Promotion &Tenure Appeals Committee, Member, Spring 2016

CETA – Health Sciences Programming Group, Spring 2016

Implementation Team for Goal I, Spring 2014

Solution Team 1, Member, Fall 2013

Faculty Evaluation Task Force, Fall 2013

University High School of Science and Engineering (UHSSE) 2007-present

  • Protocol Committee, Member

Faculty Affairs, Member 2013-present

Grievance Committee, Member 2013-present

Innovations in Teaching & Learning Committee Spring 2013

Ribicoff Endowed Professorship Screening Committee Spring 2013

University of Hartford Budget Advisory Team, Member 2007-2012

University Sabbatical Committee, Member 2010-2011

Senate Faculty Affairs, Member 2009-2010

Start-of-the-year, Member 2009-2010

Engaged Learning Fellowship Committee, Member 2009-2010

Greenberg Committee, Member 2009-2010

Selection Review Committee for the Sustainability Grants, Member 2008-2009

Blue Sheet Web Testing Committee, Member 2008-2009

Faculty Senate Committee, Constitution, Member 2007-2008

Educational Technology Grant, Member 2007-2008

Co-Director, Connecticut Space Grant Consortium 2005-2007

University Scholar Committee, Chair 2005-2006

Faculty Senate, Member 2002-2006


College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA)

Promotion & Tenure Committee, 2014-2015

Distance Learning Committee, Member 2012-2013

Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department 2006-2010

Program Director, Mechanical Engineering Program 2006-2010

Program Director, Mechanical Engineering Technology Program 2005-2010

Leadership Team, Member 2005-2010

Dean’s Search Committee, Member 2004-2005

Promotion & Tenure Merger Committee, Member 2003-2004

Commencement Merger Committee, Member 2003-2004

Ward College of Technology (WCOT)

Chair, Mechanical and Audio Engineering Technology Department 2002-2005

Program Director, Mechanical Engineering Technology Program 2002-2010

Leadership Team, Member 2003-2005

Faculty (ECT) Search Committee, Member 2005

Curriculum Committee, Member 2001-2004

Ad Hoc Committee on Student Evaluations, Chair 2002-2003

Chief Marshal, Spring Commencement

Commencement Marshal, Winter Commencement


Service to the department

Graduate Academic Standards & Policies Committee, ME Member, 2014-present

ME Faculty Search Committee, Member 2013-2014

ASME, Student Advisor 2009-2010

ME Faculty Search Committee, Member 2006-2007

GASP, ME Member 2006-2007

Society of Experimental Mechanics, Student Advisor 2002-2005

ME Industrial Advisory Board, Chair 2006-2010

MET Industrial Advisory Board, Chair 2001-2005

  • Successfully organized and supervised activities for ABET General Visit
  • ME Program Self-Study, June 2009
  • Acoustical Engineering and Music Program Self-Study, June 2009
  • ME Program Outcome-Based Self-Assessment Plan, January 2008
  • MET Program Self-Study, June 2007
  • MET Program Outcome-Based Self-Assessment Plan, August 2006
  • Program Report: MET, Bachelor of Science Program, June 2005
  • Response to Program Evaluation: MET, 2003-2004