Milanovic | Research
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Milanovic | Research

I have a mechanical engineering background with specialization in thermo-fluids, including experimental, numerical and theoretical investigations, on subjects both fundamental and applied in nature. I am passionate about the process of helping students understand the complexities, beauty, and significance of the engineering profession. Teaching allows me to continuously develop the capacity to think metacognitively, and the rewards are observed both in the classroom and my research.

Vortical flows


This research is focused on understanding of vortex-dominated flow fields. Examples include supersonic delta wing leading edge and wake vortices, steady and unsteady vortices of jets in cross-flow, synthetic jets, submerged and impinging jets.  More

Computational fluid dynamics


Examples of my computational studies include hydrodynamic stability of compressible high temperature shear flows, numerical calibration of multi-hole probes, simulations of impinging jets and turbomachinery flows.  More

Multiphysics modeling


For success in a knowledge-based global workplace, we need the ability to design complex systems of devices and components that perform in real-world conditions. Multiple sets of coupled physics often apply and interact in both space and time.  More

Collaborative learning strategies


The outcome of my reflective practice in the area of teaching is the integration of up to four teaching & learning strategies: scaffolding, cooperative learning, contextualized topics, and project-based assignments.  More