Recent Publications
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Recent Publications

King, E.A., Celmer, R.D., Rahusen, S., C. Goodman, LoVerde, J.J., Dong, W., Pilla, F., Determination of the Exterior Noise Environment by Statistical Assessment of Traffic Time History Patterns, Conference Proceedings of Noise-Con 2016 (Institute of Noise Control Engineering), Providence, R.I., June 2016.

Celmer, R.D.,University of Hartford’s Acoustical Engineering Programs, Keynote Address at Noise-Con 2016, Providence, R.I., June 2016.

Vigeant, M., Celmer, R., Ahearn, M., Schaeffler, M., Jasinski, C., Giacomoni, C., Wells, A., Ormsbee, C., Investigation of the Just Noticeable Difference of Clarity Index for Music Using Simulated Impulse Responses and Anechoic Music Recordings, Journal of the Acoustical Society of Amercia, Volume 138, No. 1, July 2015.

Celmer, R., King, E., Ackerman, A., Zonenshine, J., Contribution of Floor Treatment Characteristics to Noise Levels in Health Care Facilities, Part 2, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America V137, May 2015.
King, E., Faraci, P., Celmer, R., Acoustic Engineering by Design – Example of a Service Learning Course for Undergraduate Engineering Students, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America V137, May 2015.

Celmer, R., and Vigeant, M., University of Hartford Undergraduate Acoustical Engineering Programs and Teaching Philosophy, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 131, No. 4, Pt. 2, April 2012, p. 3252 (conference proceeding).

Celmer, R., Arena, D., Stevens, K., Rowell, S., Williams, A., Acoustical  Analysis  at Gems  Sensors  and  Controls, Plainville,  CT, Engineering Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-23, May 2012.

Celmer, R., Andersen, J., Paul, A., Strybos, J., Vincent, C., Acoustical  Analysis  of  the Connecticut  Science  Center 5th  Floor  South  Gallery, Engineering Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-22, May 2012.

Celmer, R., Florio, M., D’Antonio, J., Modal Analysis of Taylor Guitar Wood Finishes Pt. 4, Engineering Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-19, May 2012.

Celmer, R., Vigeant, M., Ormsbee, C., Stypowany, C., Parlock, R. Acoustical Evaluation and Recommendations Regarding Speech Intelligibility for Playhouse on Park Theatre, Engineering Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-18, May 2012.

Celmer, R., Chaloux, J., Heaton, J., Hearing Protection Evaluation for CH-53B Sikorsky Helicopter Crew Members, Engr. Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-17, May 2012.

Celmer, R., Vigeant, M.,  Connelly, S., Perna, N.,  Impact Isolation Design for UH Wilde Auditorium in Harry Jack Grey Center, Engineering Applications Center Report # EAC-2012-16, May 2012.