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Discography, Music Recording

Industry Employment ( Music Production ) discography, music recording

Bipolar Jukebox, Museum of Sorts, self-released 2011

Recorded and mixed this full-length CD. To be released late Fall 2011

Theresa Wong, The Unlearning!, Tzadik 2011

Recorded on location in Cape Cod, MA, this full-length CD features modern compositions

featuring violin, cello and voice.

Mia Theodoratus, Apache, self-released, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered for vinyl release. A solo harp piece recorded during these sessions

was featured on “Rubicon” a nationally broadcast prime time television program on the AMC


Marykate O’Neil, Underground, Nettwerk, 2009

Overdubs and editing at my Farmhouse studio, Bloomfield CT.

Marykate O’Neil, MKUltra, Nettwerk, 2008

Overdubs and editing at my Farmhouse studio.

Tin Hat, Sleeping Giant/Live at MASS MoCA, (unreleased) 2008

Remote recording to Protools of a live performance at MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA. The

performance was accompaniment to a dance piece titled Sleeping Giant, and the touring

performance will utilize this recording.

Need, Fade-In, Readymade Records 2008

Overdubs and editing at my Farmhouse studio.

Tin Hat, The Sad Machinery of Spring, Hannibal 2007

Overdubs of harpist Zeena Parkins via a location recording in NYC, additional overdubs at Mark

Orton’s home studio, Portland OR. I was originally slated to help mix, but scheduling prevented

my involvement, although I am credited on the CD

The Figments, Blood on The Clouds, (independent), 2007

Tracked and mixed at RMI, Sturbridge, MA, and my Farmhouse studio. Recorded on 2” analog

tape, but mixed via a hybrid approach with protools

Austin Willacy, 9 Impossible Proofs, Antebellum 2007

Mixing of 4 songs at my Farmhouse studio. The clients were on the west coast; so all mixes were

submitted for approval by mp3 via email.

Adam Levy & Buttermilk Jr, Humdinger, Lost Wax Records 2006

Adam Levy was the guitarist in Nora Jones band, and wrote one of her hits. This recording is

more of a traditional jazz organ trio. Mixed at my Farmhouse studio.

The Pixies, Live in Newport DVD, Eagle Vision 2006

A remote recording live at the Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, to Protools HD. I provided

SMPTE time code reference for all of the cameras via master clock and time code slates.

Tim Reale, Story, (independent) 2006

Tracked and mixed at my Farmhouse studio

The McStatics, The McStatics, (independent) 2006

Tracked and mixed at my Farmhouse studio

Doug Wimbish, Various Remixes, 1986, (web release) 2006

Doug and I transferred these sessions to Protools from the original 2” tapes. Co-mixed at my

Farmhouse studio

Marykate O’Neil, 1-800-Bankrupt, Seventy-One 2006

Overdubs and editing at my Farmhouse studio

Rolla, Fits & Starts, independent 2006

Tracked and mixed at my Farmhouse studio

The Ambitious Orchestra, The Ambitious Orchestra, (independent) 2006

A remote recording tracked in a basement rehearsal space in Brooklyn, NY. A challenging

project, the bandleader wanted to derive a rock band sound from traditional orchestral

instrumentation (It is an approximately 20 piece ensemble).

Dan Shuman, Dan Shuman, (independent) 2005

Tracked at my farmhouse studio and in Brooklyn NY via protocols. Mixed at my Farmhouse


Rolla, La La Land, (independent) 2005

Tracked at my Farmhouse studio.

Tatiana Irvine, From Bridge to Boardwalk, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 2004

Co-mixed and mastered this two-hour audio documentary of the folk culture of Maryland’s

eastern shore. Sessions at my Farmhouse studio.

Andre Balazs, Bipolar Jukebox, (independent) 2004

Recorded and mixed at my Farmhouse studio entirely on 2” analog tape. Mastered at the

Farmhouse with Protools.

Jill Sobule, The Folk Years 2003-2003, (independent) 2004

Basic tracks recorded at Krispy Kreme studio, NYC

Various Artists, Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon, 2004

Tracked at Krispy Kreme studio, NYC. This is the same session as Jill’s Folk Years. This was

her submission to this memorial compilation.

Mos Def, New Danger, Geffen, 2004

Basic tracks and rough mixes at Longview Farm studios, North Brookfield MA.

Dahlia and the Llamas, I Am Gasoline, (independent) 2004

Recorded and mixed this very New York spoken word/poetry band at my Farmhouse facility.

Rob Burger, Lost Photograph, Tzadik 2003

Tracked at Globe Studio, NYC and mixed at RMI, Sturbridge MA. Rob is one of the founding

members of the Tin Hat Trio and is now a very in demand session musician with musicians such

as Sting, Laurie Anderson, Beth Orton, Calexico, Iron and Wine.

Rachel Platten, Trust In Me, (independent) 2003

Tracked at Talcott Mountain Studio, Simsbury, CT and my Farmhouse studio on 2” tape. Mixed

at the Farmhouse.

Big Fuzz, Exercising The Demons, Harmonized 2003

Tracked at RMI, Sturbridge, MA, Talcott Mountain Studio and my Farmhouse studio. Mixed

and mastered at my Farmhouse facility. Recorded on 2” analog tape and Protools.

Mawwal, Live at the Charter Oak Cultural Center DVD, (independent), 2003

Mixed at my Farmhouse studio.

Will Calhoun Quintet @ Sweet Rhythm, currently unreleased 2003

An elaborate remote recording at this famous Jazz club in NYC.

Will Calhoun & David Sanctious @ Sweet Rhythm, currently unreleased 2003

Tracked on location in NYC.

Living Colour, Collide0scope, Sanctuary 2002

Co-recorded by myself and 4 other engineers at Longview Farm Studio, Tree House Studio,

Storrs, CT and The Tracking Room, NYC. Responsibilities included main tracking engineer, file

transfers and backups, editing and extensive equipment interfacing (Tree House).

Tin Hat Trio, The Rodeo Eroded, Ropeadope/Rykodisc 2002

Initially co-tracked with Mark Orton via remote in Lyme CT, extensive tracking and overdubs

occurred during sessions at Sorcerer Sound with myself as engineer. Co-mixed at Dead Aunt

Thelma’s studio in Portland OR.

Marykate O’Neil, Marykate O’Neil, Seventy-One 2002

Tracking for 2 songs at Studio 45, Hartford, CT

Various Artists, Right to Chews, Not Lame 2002

Tracked Marykate O’Neil’s contribution to this compilation during the sessions at Studio 45.

Richard Julian, Good Life, My Good Man 2002

Basic Tracks for 5 songs recorded at 33 &1/3, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Various Artists, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Logan Tapes 2002

Tracked Marykate O’Neil’s contribution to this compilation during the sessions at Studio 45.

The Asteroid No.4, King Richards Collectibles, Rainbow Quartz 2001

Tracked much of this release at the band’s studio in Philadelphia, PA

Deep Banana Blackout, Feel the Peel, Flying Frog 2001

Co-engineered much of this release, although the highlight was several days recording vocals

with legendary producer Tom Dowd at Criteria Recording, Miami, FL. Otherwise tracked and

mixed at Carriage House Studio, Stamford, CT and Talcott Mountain Studio.

The Figments, All the Gone Days, (independent), 2001

Mixed this release at Studio 45.

Flipper Dave, Something Simple, (independent) 2001

Tracked and mixed this full-length CD at Talcott Mountain Studios.

Nada Surf, soundtrack session, 2000

Tracked at 33 & 1/3

Rocket Martin, Rocket Martin, (independent) 2000

Recorded and Mixed at Studio 45, additional mixing engineer Mike Ryan.

Aimee Miles, Aimee Miles EP, (independent) 2000

Recorded and mixed at 33 & 1/3

On The Corner With Fuzz, B’Gock, Artkin Touchya 2000

Recorded and mixed at Studio 45

The Figments, Broken Time, (independent), 2000

Recorded and mixed at Studio 45

Dr Zeus, Dr Zeus, (independent) 1999

Recorded and mixed this EP at Studio 45

Lilys, The Three Way, Sire 1999

Overdubs including percussion, harp, strings, woodwinds, brass, harpsichord and piano. Mixing

of 1 song. All work done at Studio 45.

Lilys, Better Can’t Make Your Life Better (Remix), Che 1998

Overdubs including harp, strings, woodwinds and brass. Sessions at Studio 45.

Deep Banana Blackout, Rowdy Duty, Artkin Touchya 1998

Remote recording of a live performance in Port Chester, NY. Mixed at Studio 45.

Pernice Brothers, Overcome By Happiness, Sub Pop/Rykodisc 1998

Overdubs including string section. All work done at Studio 45

The Apples in Stereo, Tone Soul Evolution, SpinArt/Sire 1997

Overdubbing during ongoing sessions at Studio 45

The Figments, Won’t Hurt You, (independent), 1997

Tracked and mixed at Studio 45.

Deep Banana Blackout, Live in the Thousand Islands, Artkin Touchya, 1997

Tracked and mixed at Studio 45.

David Corter and Byron Estep. Aboriginal Bluegrass, Trunkslammer 1997

Overdubbed and mixed at Studio 45.

David Corter, Didgeridoo-Mania, ARC 1996

Tracked and mixed at Studio 45.

Angry Candy, Aberration, (independent) 1996

Tracked overdubs and mixed at Studio 45.

Lilys, Eccsame the Photon Band, SpinArt 1995

Overdubs at Studio 45.