Industry Employment ( Broadcast )
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Discography, Broadcast & Film Productions

Industry Employment ( Broadcast ) discography, broadcast & film productions

2011 Thumbs, MTV

Made an initial mix for a full-length movie that tells the story of some of the

contestants in a nationwide texting competition sponsored by LG. The edit I

worked on was submitted as a full length movie to different film festivals.

Another edit will premier on MTV August 19, 2011.

2011 Empowering, CPTV

Mixed audio for 2 episodes of the CPTV produced series documenting green

technology and recycling initiatives in CT. Broadcast late Spring/Summer 2011

2011 The 60's in Connecticut, CPTV

Editing and some mixing for this CPTV production which offered “An

unflinching look at this turbulent & transformative decade through the eyes of

CT residents”. Broadcast in Spring of 2011

2010 To God's Ear

Location recording in Rome, Italy for a full length documentary movie about a

group of Cantors that were performing by invitation of the Catholic church.

(Project inspired by the success of 100 Voices) Duties included in-field ENG

(Electronic News Gathering), including boom operation, setting up wireless

lavalier mics on interview subjects, recording to portable hard-disc recorder, as

well as a full concert recording that will eventually be released on DVD.

2010 100 Voices: A Journey Home

Editing and some mixing for this feature length movie that tells the story of 100

Cantors who travel to Poland to take part in a Jewish culture festival and reflect

on the tragedy of the Holocaust. Duties included “ADR”, replacing the dialog

captured in the field with a clearer version recorded in a studio, which requires

extensive manipulation to maintain the correct synchronization with the onscreen

image. The film was shown nationally in theaters on October 7 2010, and

November 11, 2010. The film won praise at numerous film festivals, and was up

for academy award consideration. A website with information about the film is


2010 30 for 30, ESPN

Mixed the audio for ESPN's 30 for 30 Television program featuring interviews

with filmmakers and clips of movies that showed at the 2010 Tribeca/ESPN

sports film festival. The program aired nationally on ESPN in May 2010. A

website with information on the event and films is here

2009 Romanza, Daniel Strong Godfrey

Location recording, mixing and mastering for a performance video of this 10

minute composition for string quartet. The final mix required over 50 edits from

various takes, spliced into one seamless sounding whole, and required me to read

the musical score while working.

2008 2008 Summer Olympic Games, NBC

Premixing and editing for approximately 15 mini profiles (approximately 2

minutes in duration each) shown during the Summer 2008 telecast

2008 Go For The Gold, MOJO

A 10 show series profiling different American athletes that aspired to compete in

the 2008 Olympic games. Broadcast in the months before the games, each

episode was 30 minutes long. I mixed 7.5 of the 10 shows, which included

extensive sonic restoration due to the poor quality of the audio captured in the


2005 Winter X Games, OLN

Due to tight deadlines, this multipart series was mixed by a crew of 3 audio

engineers over the course of a week, with sessions going 24 hours a day. The

mixes included extensive sound design as due to the sheer size of the event not

every camera shot could have a microphone close to the source.

2005 From the Files of Dr Henry Lee, Court TV

In field ENG (Electronic News Gathering), including boom operation, setting up

wireless lavalier mics on interview subjects, recording to camera. The shoot was

on-location in downtown New Haven revisiting a murder case from the mid-

1970’s. This was one episode in an ongoing series.

2004 Hardwater, Rush HD

Mixed 4 episodes of this show detailing a sailboat racing series. The show

originally showed in the United States, but was eventually sold to China and

other international markets, at which time I derived the international mixes for

the entire season.