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President and CEO, MedScanSonics Inc., September 2004-October 2005. (also Founder and Board Member). Coronary Artery Diagnostics Using Signal Characteristic Analysis
(CADSCAN) device, raised and funded $4MM through Connecticut Venture Group and
Cross Roads Competition in Yale, April 2004. Awarded US patent # 7,291,111 on
November 6, 2007. This patent is assigned to MedScanSonics, Inc. in September of

Consulting fellow/Chief Technology Officer, Founder Member and Board of Director, Diagnostic Devices Inc (DDI), August 1992 to present. This company
is run by Ms. Rekha Shertukde, (`96). DDI is a licensee for the patent # 6,178,386 assigned to the University of Hartford in 2001 by Dr. H. Shertukde, et. al.


Crompton Greaves Ltd (CGL), Bombay, India 1977-1983: (In collaboration with Westinghouse, USA) Designer and Production Superintendent for the manufacture of EHV Transformers, Gapped-Core Shunt Reactors. I was trained in Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, USA and Westinghouse Canada Ltd., Hamilton Canada, 1981.

Senior Production Executive: 1982-1983. Youngest Indian (28 years) to be sent to Westinghouse USA/Canada for training in the design and manufacture extra high voltage (EHV - 425kV) transformers and EHV gapped core shunt reactors. Revolutionized the entire design and manufacturing process as provided by Westinghouse, Canada from the torroidal gapped core to radially assembled laminations in pie-form packets and using slate as the material to provide gaps in the core structure as opposed to high price fiberglass insulation to precise tolerances on surface finish. This radically improved the manufacturability of the core packets resulting in avoidance of hazardous material like HCL acid needed for removal of burr in the gaps of the torroidal core. Eventually CGL ended reverse transferring technology to Westinghouse in this field.
Senior Design Executive: 1981-1982.
Design Officer: 1979-1981.
Assistant Design Officer: 1978-1979.
Management Trainee: 1977-1978.

Expert and well versed in the design and manufacture of EHV (420 kV), large power, medium power, industrial transformers (up to 400 MVA, 525 kV) and EHV gapped-core shunt reactors (up to 25 MVAR, 525 kV). Awarded ‘Best Young Electrical Engineer’ at CGL and elevated to Senior Executive with Superintendent responsibilities of the Core-coil section of Kanjur Works in 1981.

Assistant Engineer (1975-1977) in the Auto-maintenance section of a major truck manufacturing company: Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd. (TELCO), India (previously in collaboration with Daimler Benz) now called as TATA Motors, India.

Awarded General Manager's certificate for the best graduate trainee, 1976. Worked with Mr. Sharad Jakatdar, General Manager of TELCO, Pune in the Project Management for diversifying manufacture of 150 tons, semi-forward trucks. Revolutionized the foundry using induction melting methods for the foundry furnaces to manufacture engine block in a clean and sharp environment.


Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, March 1995 to present

Senior Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Department, Yale University, New Haven, CT,
Sep 1, 2011 to present.

Chairman of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Hartford, May 1994 to
May 1998. Successfully guided the ECE Department through two ABET evaluations in
1994 and 1997 respectively.

On Sabbatical leave for Fall 2012, to write a book on Distributed Photo Voltaic (DPV)
Grid Transformers by December 31, 2012, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishers
(Publisher Ms. Nora Konopka), completed July 31, 2013,ready for printing February 15,

On Sabbatical leave, Fall 2002 - sponsored and funded research with Diagnostic

Devices Inc. CADSCAN – utility patent awarded USPTO: 7,291,111.

On Sabbatical leave, Fall 1995 - sponsored and funded research with Northeast Utilities
Systems, Construction Test and Maintenance, Berlin, CT. Resulted in a major grant
(G0623) from Connecticut Innovations Inc. (CII) of $224,000 from Sep 12, 1996-Sep 11,
1998. Utility Patent US Patent # 6,178,386

Director of Graduate Studies, College of Engineering, University of Hartford, August
1993 to August 1998. Successfully initiated the graduate program and introduced new
programs like E2M, 3+2 etc.

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering with tenure at the University of Hartford, Fall
1992 to Spring 1995.

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Hartford, Fall 1988
- Spring 1992.