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Soft Processors: Hard and Soft Parallel Processing

Electronic/Computer Modeling

Cyber Learning

  • Analog and Digital SPICE (Simulation Program for Integrated Circuits Emphasis) modeling
  • SOPC Builder (System on a Programmable Chip Builder) that automates connecting soft-hardware components to create a complete computer system that runs on any of its various FPGA chips with Nios II
  • PLD programming using VHDL, Verilog, ABEL, Altera, Max plus II, Quartus II and Xilinx
  • Programming microprocessor simulator for design & testing for Intel’s 80x86 family, MIPS, Motorola and Intel's Pentium architecture
  • Tested complex circuit boards to component level
  • Designed and testing circuits using digital signal processing
  • Telecommunications and advanced telecommunications
  • LAN and WAN wired/wireless networking
  • Microcomputer architecture and advanced microcomputer architecture
  • Designed advance digital circuits
  • Familiarity with test equipment such as logic analyzer, protocol analyzer and spectrum analyzer
  • Signal capturing and programming with Hewlett Packard digital storage oscilloscope
  • Cadence SPB Package, C, C++, Visual C++.NET, Visual Basic.NET, CPLD and FPGA design
  • Familiarity with Windows, MS Office, Matlab, Electronics Work Bench, Design Works, ABEL, Multisim, SYSTAT, SAS, SPSS, and NC-VHDL
  • Cadence OrCAD-PSpice system design and simulation including the PCB design with Cadence PCB Editor
  • Web-based learning, distance learning, Blackboard and WebCT