Thesis Advisor
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Thesis Advisor

Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Thesis Advisor at University of Hartford

(all have been published)

  • Balvinder Singh Pabla, Implementing a soft core NIOS II processor For VGA application, 2012
  • Bharath Kumar Matcha, Design of The Nios Ii System For The Playing of Wave Files On The DE2 Board, 2012
  • Neelima Namburi, Radio Frequency Identification of Effortless System Medical Cabinets, 2011
  • Srikar Valiveti, GPS Time Reception Using Altera SOPC Builder and Nios II, 2011
  • Kondo, J., Breakthrough Detection Using Laser-Induced, Thermal Diffusion Shock Waves, 2010
  • Elsaghir, H., Proof of Concept Implementation of Embedded Ethernet System, 2008
  • Kulcu, E., Model Based Control Design of Ambulatory Rehabilitation Suspension System &Observer Design for Control Systems Using SLPS, 2007
  • Puliroju C., Design of RISC Processor Using VHDL and PSpice, 2007
  • Karatalpu, S., SPICE Modeling of Arethmatic Logic Unit, 2006

Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering Dissertation External Advisor at University of Bridgeport

  • Abdelrahman Elleithy, A Novel Model of Lifetime for Wireless Sensor Networks in Different Environments, at proposal stage
  • Eman Abdelfattah, A Multi-Algorithm, High Reliability, Extensible Steganalyzer Using Ervices Oriented Architecture, 2012
  • Mohammed A. Abuhelaleh, SOOAWSN: A Secure Object Oriented Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2011