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ECT 122 Digital Electronics I

ECT 232 Digital Electronics II

ECE 231 Digital System Logic

ECE 234 Digital Design Using CPLDs

ECT 231 Electrical Circuits I

ECT 241 Electrical Circuits II

ECE 530 Electronic System Design and Implementation

ECE 591 Electronic System Design and Implementation

EL 121 Solid State and Analog Electronics


ECT 353 Computer Architecture

Network Devices

C & C++

Linear Circuit Analysis

Integrated Electronic Systems

UP 242 Microprocessors I 4

UP 352 Microprocessors II

UP 362 Microprocessors III

UP 472 Microprocessors IV

UP 481 Microprocessors V

ECE 592 Simulation and Rapid Prototyping of Integrated Electronic Systems

ECT 242 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming

ECT 472 Computer Networking

ECT 363 Computer Interfacing

ECE 482 Capstone I

ECE 483 Capstone II

ES 493 Engineering Research

ECE 592 Integrated Electronic Systems

ECE 600 Graduate Project in Electrical Engineering