Supervision of Undergraduate Students
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Supervision of Undergraduate Students

Jenna Daly, (2012), ‘Characterization of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing Design,’ University of Hartford Undergraduate Research Colloquium.

Eppes, T. A., Milanovic, I., Shetty, D., & Daly, J.  (2012), ‘Characterization of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing Design,’ Proc. Intl. Conf. Innovations & Trends in Appl. Computing, Nagpur, IN.

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Aleksandar Adamovic, Capstone Instructor: ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project,’ Spring 2011.

Mohammed Alghamdi & Abdullah Alanazi, Capstone Instructor: ‘Movable Solar Panel,’ Spring 2011.

Fahad Aljalal & Abdulaziz Aljunaydi, Capstone Instructor: ‘Solar Energy,’ Spring 2011.

David Comeau & Vanessa Lannaman, Capstone Instructor: ‘Prediction of Limit Cycles,’ Sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, Spring 2011.

Fouad El Khoury, Capstone Instructor: ‘The Heat is On? Part II,’ Spring 2011.

Gregory Giddings & Richard Laraque, Capstone Instructor: ‘Identifying Principles of Balance Control,’ Spring 2011.

Michal Lach & Jagodic-Kuridza Zelko, Capstone Instructor: ‘Balance & Coordination During Curvilinear Locomotion,’ Spring 2011.

Matthew Magliochetti, Capstone Instructor: ‘Engine Control Unit for a Mitsubishi 6G72 Dual Overhead Cam Engine,’ Spring 2011.

Faris Alzamanan & Salman Aljehany, Capstone Instructor: ‘Theremin Project,’ Spring 2011.

Ali Almoussa & Abdulrahman Alomair, Capstone Instructor: ‘Design and Implementation of a Sequenced System,’ Spring 2011.

Majid Alhomim & Mohammed Alobaidoon, Capstone Instructor: ‘Software Defined Radio for Amplitude Modulation,’ Spring 2011.

Abdulaziz Alhumaid & Muteb Alshaibani, Capstone Instructor: ‘Amplitude Shift Keying Communications,’ Spring 2011.

Saud Alaboudi & Abdulmalek Alhazmi, Capstone Instructor: ‘Energy Efficient Design for a Residential Building,’ Spring 2011.

Michael Carbary, Capstone Instructor: ‘Bluetooth FM Transmitter,’ Spring 2010.

Klaudio Doko & Brad Deschenes, Capstone Instructor: ‘The Heat Is On,’ Spring 2010.

Sam Dick, Capstone Instructor: ‘Wondrous Wireless Super-Heterodyne Radio,’ Spring 2010.

Michael Mancini & Giuliano Messina, Capstone Instructor: ‘Wireless Power Transfer,’ Spring 2010.

Jeremy Bredickas & Shruti Khare, Capstone Instructor: ‘Fire-fighting Robot,’ Spring 2010.

Scott Shepard, Capstone Instructor: ‘Pump Reliability/Behavioral Prediction Using Sensor Arrays & Neural Networks,’ Spring 2010.

Matthew Deane, Capstone Instructor & Technical Advisor: ‘Power Transformers,’ Spring 2008.

Nicholas Giambattista, Capstone Instructor & Technical Advisor: ‘Interchangeable Temperature Thermos,’ Spring 2008.  

Matt Mahier, Capstone Instructor: ‘Audio Summing Playback Device,’ Spring 2008.

Haluk Yalcin, Capstone Instructor: ‘Low Power Wireless Transmitter,’ Spring 2008.                     

Rafael Cabrera & Jocquel Johnson, Capstone Instructor: ‘USB Media Player,’ Spring 2008.

Chris Sherwood & Gregory Herisse, Capstone Instruactor: ‘Equalizer for Stereo Devices,’ Spring 2008.