CETA and Herat
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CETA and Herat

"Analysis and Revision of the ‘English for Engineers’ Program at Herat University, Western Afghanistan" (B. Richards, M.S. Keshawarz, H. Alnajjar)

A partnership between University of Hartford, College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Herat in Herat, City, Afghanistan with goals to use a combination of curriculum revision and development, faculty development, distance learning and collaborative projects, and local/internal partnerships to establish the Herat University Faculty of Engineering at the preeminent Engineering program for Western Afghanistan.

"Modernizing Engineering Education at Herat University: A Partnership Between University of Hartford and Herat University" (M.S. Keshawarz, H. Alnajjar, B. Richards, A.H. Sofizada)

Key successes achieved, as well as the challenges encountered, in developing a robust partnership between countries with different histories, cultures, educational philosophies and resources.

"A Mechatronics Program as an Alternative to Separate Programs in Electrical and Mechanical in Developing Countries" (H. Alnajjar, M.S. Keshawarz, A. Abu-aisheh, S. Moslehpour, N.A. Almady, D. Shetty)

The needs, resources and plan to develop a program in Mechatronics at HERAT University with a focus on the preparation for laboratories, equipment, curriculum, faculty, etc., including the difficulties in helping to start a new program in another country.

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