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External Grants

World Bank, “Partnership between the University of Hartford and Herat University in Western Afghanistan”, Co-Principal Investigator 2007-2010 ($1,971,292)

R&D Dynamics Corporation, “Development of Control for High Speed Motors and Generators”. C. Sahay & H. Alnajjar. September 2006 ($58,831)

MedScanSonic Inc., the grant is to support two graduate students to help the company in Embedded Digital Signal Processor. Sept. 2004 ($8,000)

National Science Foundations, “Integrate Engineering with Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences”. Co-Principal Investigator 1999-2002 ($600,000) from the NSF & equipment matching from the University of Hartford.

FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education).  Worked as a member of a team with, the former Dean of Faculty C. Stevenson, and Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies C. Colarulli, on writing the FIPSE proposal “Development of freshman FIGs” which was funded in Spring 2008 for $350,000.

General Electric, donated a robot to the college based on my request, The robot is to help students in control courses with hands-on experience. Fall 1998, ($5,000)

NSF, “NSF Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement (ILI)”.  The grant is to equip the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory with the needed equipment/hardware and introduce ECE students and freshman to the concept of digital signal processing/image processing.  Spring 1997, ($11,082) with a matching fund of $11,082 from the University of Hartford.

Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium, “Curriculum Development Award” to develop a course in Digital Image processing, Spring 1997, ($5,000).

NSF University-Wide-Reform Grant. A grant the university received before I joined the University of Hartford.  I became a member of this grant by participating in the activities and in the development of an engineering course.  I received compensations of $2,000.  Also, I received $3,000 equipment. Summer 1997.

NSF and Texas Instruments, “DSP Hardware Workshop” a hands-on workshop about DSP Hardware.  The objective is to learn DSP Hardware and teach it to undergraduate and graduate students. Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, July 1996.

Texas Instrument, a recipient of an Equipment gift to supply the DSP laboratory with DSP Boards (C31 Starter Kits and C30 EVM), Fall 1996, $2,000.

Connecticut Innovations, Inc. “Real Time Transformer Fault Diagnostics Using Supersonic Sensors and Wavelet Transforms” - cosponsored by Northeast Utilities, Yankee Ingenuity Initiative Charles Goodyear Cooperative Research and Development Grants and the University of Hartford. Co-Principal Investigator 1996-July 1997.  The total grant is ($224,000).

Internal Grants

University of Hartford Parents Association, “A grant to renovate the Student’s Lounge, United Technologies room 212”. The grant covers furniture, painting, study area and more. H. Alnajjar & K. Cofiell. May 2009 ($7,000).

University of Hartford, Educational Technology Grant, “Integration of Simulation Technology into Engineering Design Courses”. H. Alnajjar & C. Fang, 03/09 - 12/09 ($5,000).

University of Hartford T-REC Grant, “Purchase a Kiosk for the Student’s Lounge in UT 212”. March 2006 ($5,000)

University of Hartford T-REC Grant, “Purchase an Electronic White Board for the DSP laboratory Dana 319”. April 2005 ($3,500)

University of Hartford T-REC Grant, “Purchase a large format plotter for Dana 420”. K. Smith & H. Alnajjar.  April 2005 ($10,000)

University of Hartford T-REC Grant, “Purchase 21 computers to replace the ones in the main teaching computer lab”. April 2000 ($25,000)

Vincent B. Coffin Grant, University of Hartford,  “Equipment for developing a course in Digital Signal Processing Hardware”. AY2000-2001 ($2,000).

University of Hartford, “Summer Research Stipend”.  It is a stipend to help faculty concentrate on research & not teaching during summer. The stipend was toward web authoring some of my work for the freshman course. Summer 1998, ($3000).

Vincent B. Coffin Grant, University of Hartford, “curriculum development” AY1996-1997, ($1,700).