Graduate Project Supervision
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Graduate Project Supervision

“Active motion control of a loudspeaker”, by Hawk, Steven C..  (Co-Advisor D. Shetty)

“The future of wireless elevator communication network”, by Al-Annouf, Bassel.

“Multispectral Image Processing”, by Nandigam, Ravikanth.. (Co-Advisor S. Keshawarz)

“Ultra compact data collection device for hand-arm vibration (HAV) measurement - electronic circuit design”, by Venkatesh, Sushma.

“DOA estimation using LVQ networks”, by Krishnan, Jayadeep

“Design a protection system for an electrical power grid”, by Twumasi, Kwasi Ankrah.

“Design of a Digital Guitar Tuner”, by Basaran, Ilkan..

“Analysis and design of a small electrical power grid with load expansion”, by Karki, Rajesh (C0-Advisor T.  Eppes)

“3D audio rendering using head related transfer functions”, by Yettapu, Subhash Kumar Reddy

“An efficient implementation of error prediction in the gateway system”, by Saravanarajan, Vani S.

“A real-time DSP-based optical character recognition system for isolated Arabic characters using the TI TMS320C6416T”, by Almohri, Haidar.

“Implementation of low bit rate coder using a combination of linear predictive coding and sub band coding in real-time”, by Nagarajan, Prasanna V.

“Power system dynamic voltage stability assessment using artificial network”, by Suresh Packiriswamy.