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Alnajjar's specialties lie in the areas of digital signal processing and power system analysis. Additionally, he has acquired extensive knowledge and skills in other areas of electrical and computer engineering through taking courses and attending workshops.

Courses taught at the University of Hartford:

ECE 440/ ECE 441/ ECE 641 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 540 (Senior & Grad) Digital Signal Processing Hardware
ECE 572 (Senior & Grad) Power System Analysis
ECE 471/ ECE 473 Transformers and Machinery
ECE 231/ ECE 232 Digital Design
ECE 423 Communications
ECE 483 Senior Design II
ECE 591 (Senior & Grad) Special Topics in ECE (Image Processing)
ECE 672  (Grad course) Protective Relays
ES 116 (Freshmen) Engineering Honors Seminars I
ES 117 (Freshmen) Engineering Honors Seminars II
ES 143 (all eng programs) Engineering and Design
ES 242 (all eng programs) Engineering by Design
ES 342 (all eng programs) Engineering Practice
ECE 600 Master Thesis
ECE 210 (for non-majors) Introduction to Circuit Analysis
ECE 420 Random Signals & Noise

Course Development

  • EE 540 - Developed a course in Digital Signal Processing Hardware.
  • Laboratory manual for the digital signal processing laboratory course ECE 441.
  • Laboratory manual for the digital design laboratory course ECE 232.
  • ES 143 Engineering & Design - A new course for all engineering freshmen.
  • ES 101 Engineering Dialogue - A new course for all engineering freshmen.

Course Coordinator

  • ES 143 Engineering & Design
  • ES 101 Engineering Dialogue
  • ET 111 Introduction to Engineering Technology
  • ES 242 Engineering by Design