Industrial Experience
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Industrial Experience

Image Solutions Group, LLC

Member, 1997 - 2007

  • Responsible for consulting in the fields of electromagnetics, lasers, and optical design.
  • Developed software to predict the performance of electromagnetic waves through a grating.
  • Analyzed a potential new type of laser design for optimal performance.
  • Analyzed a design of laser safety glasses for technical and commercial merit.

Advanced Optical Equipment and Systems Corporation

Vice President and Chief Scientist, 1994 - 1997

  • Responsible for theoretical and computational analysis of electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and hydrodynamic phenomena.
  • Shared in the design of the gas flow subsystem and commercialization of the entire system of a mid-power gas dynamic industrial iodine laser.
  • Developed a 1-D closed cycle hydro- and thermodynamic computer code for a refrigerator-like gas flow subsystem design.
  • Co-author of the AOESC Business Plan.

United Technologies Corporation

1976 - 93

Research Engineer, 1986 - 93

  • Responsible for theoretical and computational analysis of electromagnetic phenomena, primarily in the area of lasers and optics.
  • Developed and produced efficient and experimentally validated software tools for analysis of these systems with emphasis on ease-of-use and reduction of complex analysis to physically intuitive results.
  • Performed as task manager of the theory task of a multimillion dollar government contract.

Sr. Analytical Engineer, 1976 - 86

  • Updated, maintained and documented UTC's FFT based wave-optics computer codes.
  • Conducted computer modeling for high power laser experiments.


  • Developed, implemented and validated an algebraic methodology for propagating a nonideal laser beam's 90% power radius through a complex optical system, thus allowing for rapid design of a wave optics system without the previous requirement of always running large simulation codes to account for diffraction.
  • Developed, implemented and validated methods for highly efficient computer modeling f laser systems and the correspondence of these models with the three-dimensional physical world (details not approved for public release).
  • Developed and validated a short series solution for the adaptively-corrected non-linear thermal blooming interaction of high Fresnel number laser beams with the atmosphere, thus eliminating need for 3D computer code analysis.
  • Applied a group theoretical analysis to coupled laser systems resulting in eigenmode configuration identification hence minimizing the required number of lengthy computer runs in a test matrix.
  • Analyzed the time-dependent thermal properties of laser-irradiated material for hotspot tracking.
  • Developed a short series solution to the determination of low Fresnel number laser modes and propagation.
  • Provided theoretical support to an experimental program predicting and measuring the electromagnetic properties of heterogeneous anisotropic ceramic materials. Resulting code was validated by experiment.