Recent Publications
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Recent Publications

Hadad, A., Abu-Aisheh, A., Alnajjar, H., Britt, T., Grant, L., “Audio Engineering Technology at the University of Hartford.” CIEC Conference, Savannah, GA, February 2014.

Grant, L., Abu-aisheh, A., & Hadad, A. "Using TEALE Learning Methodology to Promote Portable Interdisciplinary Accountability in Engineering Education." IEEE Educational Conference (EDUCON2013). Berlin, Germany, April 2013.

Abu-aisheh, A., Khader, S., Hasan, O., & Hadad, A. "Improving the Reliability of Solar-Powered LED Illumination Systems." ICGST International Conference on Recent Advances in Energy Systems, Alexandria, Egypt, April 2012.

Grant, L., Abu-aisheh, A., Hadad, A., Alnajjar, H., & Poole, B. "Successful Integration of Informal Learning in Engineering Education." IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON2012). Marrakesh, Morocco, April 2012.

Hadad, A. & Abu-aisheh, A. "The Engineering/Engineering Technology Divide in the United States." ASEE Northeast Section Annual Conference, West Hartford, CT, Spring 2011.

Abu-aisheh, A., Hadad, A., Hasan, O., & Khader, S. "Implementation of Dual Use Fiber Optic Communications Laboratories." IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON2011). Amman, Jordan, April 2011.

Khader, S., Abu-aisheh, A., & Hadad, A. "The Application of PSIM & MATLAB/SIMULINK in Power Electronics Courses." IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON2011). Amman, Jordan, April 2011.

Abu-aisheh, A., Hadad, A., & Farahmand, F. "Implementations of a Virtual RF and Digital Communications Laboratory for E-Learning." ASTF 5th Congress on Scientific Research Outlook & Technology (SR05), Fez, Morocco, October 2008.

Leone, D. Hadad, A., Coleman, S., Alnajjar, H., & Elsaghir, H. "Teaching Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, Including Laboratory Sessions, using a Combination of Distance Learning and Distance Teaching Techniques." ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Portland, OR, June 2005.

Hadad, A., Hammouri, G., & Shahdan, P. "Analysis of Prime Numbers." ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2003.