Advanced Traveler Information Systems
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Advanced Traveler Information Systems

ATIS Survey

Student: Neftali Torres
Advisor: Clara Fang

As part of the student grant competition initialized by the Connecticut Intelligent Transportation Society of Connecticut (CT-ITS), this project was developed to gain a best practice review of real-time Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) in use within the U.S. and suggest potential implementation strategies used in Connecticut.  Firstly, research on methods and technologies were reviewed to gain a solid background on ATIS.

Next, a survey was developed.  The survey consists of questions about the types of traffic data collected, the technologies applied, the data disseminated to the public, and the interfaces used to organize and display the data.  We wanted to get input on their best practice related to ATIS, and future expectations or visions that they hope to work on.

Finally, it is expected the survey will be turned into a web-based one and sent throughout the states to acquire a general understanding of the different practices available.  The success of this project could result in a promotion of consistent data storing systems, a development of a system where raw data can be used more efficiently, effective real-time traffic information dissemination, and consequently a more reliable integration of freeway and arterial systems.

Road-based Traffic Surveillance Using Loop Detectors (source: