Professional Experience
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Professional Experience

Tighe & Bond, Inc.

Municipal Wastewater

Westfield Wastewater Treatment Facility: Serve as principal-in-charge of nitrogen and phosphorous removal optimization studies, sludge dewatering optimization and industrial pretreatment program consultation for the City of Westfield, MA.

Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility: Lead an on-call engineering team for various treatment plant improvements in Springfield, MA.  Includes two new sludge dewatering centrifuges, a new primary skimmings screen/washer, pump station bar rack replacement, and slide gate replacement and automation.

Marshfield Pump Station Improvements and Headworks Facility: Serve as Principal-in-Charge of design and construction of a complete rehabilitation of the main lift station and a new headworks facility that includes step screens and a vortex grit removal system.

Chicopee Combined Sewer Overflow Projects: Serve as Principal-in-Charge for all combined sewer overflow (CSO) related projects in Chicopee, MA.  Includes regulatory coordination and preparation of the Final Long Term Control Plan, and annual reporting on CSO discharges and sewer system back-ups.

Various Chicopee Sewer Projects: Lead a 20-person project team for design and construction of projects to separate combined sewers in several neighborhoods throughout the City.  Construction has been proceeding at approximately $15,000,000 per year for the past six years.

Jones Ferry CSO Treatment Facility: Served as Principal-in-Charge for the design and construction of a $14,000,000 40 mgd CSO treatment facility to provide screening and disinfection for the largest CSO in Chicopee, MA.

Infiltration/Inflow (I/I): Served as Principal-in-Charge of I/I investigation and sewer pipe lining projects in Peabody, West Springfield, and Chicopee, MA. 

Waltham Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Mitigation, Area 1314A:  Currently serving as Principal-in-Charge of a SSO Mitigation project for the City of Waltham, MA.  Services include flow monitoring, CCTV investigation of approximately 48,000 linear feet of sewer, and 350 manhole inspections for the purpose of providing design improvements to the sanitary sewer.

South Essex Sewerage District: Led project teams on various treatment plant upgrades, including: replacing four 8,000 gallon sodium hypochlorite tanks, upgrading oxygen reactor mixers, constructing a vac-truck unloading station, upgrading plant piping, and adding a 3’ x 8’ slide gate in the primary effluent building. Other projects involved upgrading a collection system metering station, and flow monitoring and modelling of a 78-inch interceptor sewer.

Sturbridge & Erving Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades: Acted as technical advisor and reviewer for upgrade of Sturbridge, MA WWTP with BioMag® and CoMag® processes.  Also served as advisor for the upgrade of Erving, MA WWTP, including new headworks, cyclic aeration system, and UV disinfection.

Municipal Water Supply

Agawam Water Transmission Main: Led the design and construction phase of 8,500 feet of 24-inch transmission main in Agawam, MA.  This provided a redundant water supply so that the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, which supplies water to the Town, could replace its 54-inch steel transmission main that supplies most of the water to the Town.  The new ductile iron transmission main connection to an existing 42-inch steel transmission main involved “cutting in” two new 36-inch gate valves, a 16-inch connection to a metering vault, and pressure equalization piping around each valve.  The project also included 1,700 feet of 12-inch, and 1,400 feet of 8-inch distribution piping.

West Springfield Distribution System Upgrades: Served as Principal-in-Charge for this project that included upgrading existing undersized water mains with 2,000 feet of 8-inch ductile iron mains.  Also included miscellaneous storm sewer improvements to correct drainage problems in the vicinity of the water main improvements. 

Chicopee Water Distribution Mains Replacement: Served as Principal-in-Charge for replacement of water distribution system piping in several areas within the City of Chicopee, MA to replace aging pipes and relocate water mains in conjunction with sewer separation projects.  To date, over 30,000 feet of water distribution piping replacement has been designed.

Chicopee Water Transmission Main: Served as Principal-in-Charge of construction of a new 3,300-foot, 24-inch ductile iron water transmission main in the City of Chicopee, MA to replace an asbestos cement transmission main that failed in a cross-country easement.  The new transmission main was relocated to a street to avoid the steep slopes and stream crossing associated with the cross-country alignment. 

Westfield Water Distribution Piping Replacement: Served as Principal-in-Charge for replacement of aging and undersized water distribution piping within the City of Westfield, MA with 2,600 feet of 12-inch pipe, and 8,000 feet of 8-inch pipe.

Municipal Roadways

Northampton Residential Neighborhood: Served as Principal-in-Charge for providing complete roadway and 100% buried infrastructure for a new neighborhood developed on the former Northampton State Hospital property in Northampton, MA. This included approximately one mile of new urban roadways, sidewalks, tree belts, water mains, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, power, telephone, and cable utilities in narrow urban street corridors.

Westfield Streetscaping and Roadway Improvements: Led several projects to upgrade City streets by renewing selected buried infrastructure, replacing sidewalks, realigning and providing traffic calming measures in the streets and, in some cases, completely reconstruct the pavement and sub-base.

Industrial Wastewater

Multiple Private Manufacturing Industries: Managed and designed wastewater treatment or evaporation and recovery systems for a variety of industries including paper mill, paper converting, electronics manufacturing, food processing, metal finishing, and industrial diamond cleaning.


Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility: Led design team for a $7 million capital improvement project at the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The design/build project was being completed as part of the privatization of the facility and included the installation of a biosolids dryer.

U.S. Tsubaki, Chicopee, MA: Managed fast track design and construction of a pretreatment facility for a manufacturer of automotive timing chain.  System includes grit and suspended solids removal, and was designed and constructed in 6 months.

H.P. Hood, Agawam, MA & Suffield, CT: Designed and managed construction of two pretreatment systems to equalize flow, adjust pH, and remove fats, oils, and grease from two dairies.

Odor Control

Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility: Designed 40,000 cfm regenerative thermal oxidizer to control odors from four sources at the municipal WWTP in Springfield, MA.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Alternatives: Investigated odor control alternatives, including biofilters and chemical scrubbers, for a 15-mgd wastewater treatment plant.  Principal-in-Charge for designing a 12,000 cfm chemical scrubber system to treat odors from the facility’s biosolids thickening and dewatering operations.


Two State Agencies and Several Municipalities: Managed over 40 abatement and demolition projects that involved preparation of plans, specifications, and bidding documents for asbestos abatement and demolition of over 400 buildings.  Structures include four former state hospital campuses, several housing complexes, hospitals, power plants, incinerator, paper mill, oil terminal, textile mills, public works garage, foundries and warehouses.

Captain, United States Army, Medical Service Corps

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty Compliance: Worked as part of a multi-discipline team to assess the environmental impacts of rocket motor destruction and provide input into the Environmental Assessment that was prepared under the National Environmental Policy Act.  Travelled with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army to brief the Governor of Utah, the Texas Governor’s Council on the Environment and the Assistant Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health on the environmental aspects of INF Treaty Compliance.

Various Army Installations: Planned, staffed, conducted and reported on field investigations to detect and/or define the extents of soil or groundwater contamination.  Performed field work including collection of soil and groundwater samples, evaluated analytical data and authored reports on the results.