Spring Break Working with Successful Alumni
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Spring Break Working with Successful Alumni


Heather Volkens

There are lots of choices of how to spend spring break for UHart students. Some have chosen to add professional experience to their resumes through the University’s Express to Success program. In the program, run by the Alumni Relations office, students work with and learn from alumni who have jobs related to the students’ fields of study. For example, Wilmer Elguera ’17 and Heather Volkens ’17, students in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, are reviewing projects, working with software, and attending meetings with Frank Molgano ’82, director of engineering at Bauer, Inc. in Bristol, Conn. Bauer tests equipment used on aircraft.

“I am very fortunate to have this opportunity,” says Wilmer, who is studying computer engineering. “It really gives me the opportunity to learn what my major does in the field.”

Heather, an electrical engineering major, adds, “You learn so much more when you are actually on the floor with people who do [the work] all the time.”

 Wilmer Elguera at Bauer

Wilmer saw more than just what it is like to work as an engineer; he also was able to use knowledge he had learned in class. When he started working on a project at Bauer, he realized that he already knew how to use the software because it is part of his coursework.

In addition to giving students future career paths, the one-week Express to Success program introduces students to possible mentors and can lead to additional opportunities. Heather has been offered a summer internship at Bauer.

“It is a unique opportunity to engage students early on in engineering careers,” says Molgano.