Support Threshers in Kenya
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Support Threshers in Kenya

Threshers in KenyaCETA needs your help. Our Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter has been working in Kenya to dramatically improve the grain harvesting process called threshing.

Our students, led by David Pines assistant dean for student support and faculty advisor for humanitarian engineering projects, are close to finalizing a mechanical thresher they’ve designed, tested, redesigned, tested some more, and had produced on site with locally sourced materials, all with input from local farmers in Kenya.

Here’s how you can help! Our goal is to raise $15,000 to subsidize 100 threshers and get these machines in the fields producing a higher yield and higher quality grain. Once they are proven to be a valuable resource, the thresher market can begin sustaining itself by creating a new local enterprise for building and selling the machines, and the manual labor process will be greatly improved.

Make a gift to support the thresher project today, and help small-scale farmers increase food production and eliminate food insecurity.

Learn more and make a gift.