Johanna Konseleus
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Johanna Konseleus

Johanna Konseleus ’18, is a mechanical engineering major on the University’s track and field team, and an international student from Gothenburg, Sweden. The team practices 8 hours a week with Coach Stacie Wentz. In addition, the athletes are given workouts to do by themselves.

Johanna’s main event is the triple jump. She started participating in track and field in 8th grade as a sprinter, but changed to triple and long jump. She enjoys the technique and strength required for the triple jump. It is similar to long jump with a few extra steps; a hop, step, and jump. The correct footing and sequence is part of
what make Konseleus love the event. She has a personal record of 11.98 meters (39.3 feet).

Johanna finds that many of her fellow classmates are interested in where she’s from and her culture. She has been introduced to new things that she has not
experienced in Sweden such as, english muffins, PB&J,and mac and cheese. She has also had to adjust to the U.S. customary system instead of the metric system.
Johanna started learning English in 4th grade, but still has some trouble conveying precisely what she means.

With a goal to work in product development, Johanna wants to become a project leader and learn about economics and the business side of engineering. Her last engineering job was at a Swedish firm, C*PAC. She used a CAD program to make test rigs to hold parts for testing.

Shes currently working on her Capstone Senior Project to make tools in space, so astronauts only need to bring a 3D printer on their voyage. The group is making a vice grip with a plastic material using a 3D printer, then will do analysis and testing to see if what they made is a viable product. Johanna has been enjoying her time here at the University and is looking forward to the coming months, both in athletics and education.