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Internship FAQs

Who's eligible for experiential learning?
Internships are open to all full-time matriculated students (any major), who are in good academic standing and have been at the University for at least two semesters (transfer students, one semester.) International students must meet with Richard Lazzerini for eligibility determination before participating in an experiential education experience. Eligibility requirements vary depending on school/college. Please see your faculty coordinator or advisor to verify your status and requirements. Master of Business Administration students are not required to complete an internship/co-op as part of their program. 

When can I participate in an internship?
Most students accept an internship assignment during their academic year, working approximately 20 hours per week while attending classes. It is normally between 8-15 weeks during the academic semester. Some employers also offer internships during the summer months, usually full-time. Typically, internships are a three or six month commitment. Some programs of study may have their own duration and prerequisite requirements - please see your faculty coordinator for more details.

If you are interested in an internship, here are the résumé deadlines:

   Summer Internship: February - April 
   Spring Internship:  October
   Fall Internship:  April

Where are internships located?
The majority of the internships listed within CareerBridge are located in Connecticut . Most of these are within 30 miles of the University; however, if you give us time in advance, we can also help you resources to identify appropriate internships in your hometown or in another location. Internship development resources are available within the Office of Career Services Library as well as the Mortensen Library.

What can I do to prepare for an internship?
Take advantage of the resources and services available within the Office of Career Services to better prepare you for the job market. Some of our services include on-line job searching, résumé writing, interview preparation, career/major research, internship/job search strategies, networking, informational interviewing, cold calling, employer contact, and more.

Can I receive academic credit for participating in an internship?
Various faculty and departments are willing to consider issuing credit for an internship, depending on the nature of responsibilities and the potential for learning that is closely related to your academic program. Academic credit is awarded through your academic department, not through the Office of Career Services. Some departments may require you to complete an internship as part as your academic program. International students are required, if eligible, to register for credit if participating in an off-site internship. There are procedures that you will need to follow if receiving credit. These will be explained by your advisor or faculty coordinator.

What are my chances of being placed?
The Office of Career Services is not a placement agency. We do expect you to contribute and take responsibility for your internship search. Our office will assist you in identifying appropriate resources to assist you in your development and research. Career advisors are available to review strategies related to the development process and to address any concerns you may have. CareerBridge is just one resource to assist you with identifying a potential internship. 

What can I expect to earn?
We advertise both unpaid and paid opportunities. You can earn wages comparable to similar part-time employees of the participating internship business, agency or organization. Wages usually range from about $8.25 to $16.00 per hour for part-time positions, and more for some specialized areas. If you receive financial aid and accept a paid full-time position you should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 860.768.4296.

If an internship is not required in my program, why should I complete one?
Most programs do not require you to complete an internship, however, most employers expect you to complete at least one during your academic studies. Studies show that students who participate in an internship:

Do better academically 
Are able to clarify their career goals better
Learn about what they want to do
Are better prepared in the field they endeavor 
Have better job searching skills
Receive more job offers
Earn higher starting salaries
Build relevant experience
Develop professional contacts 
Enhance communication skills
Are more likely to get the job they want after graduation 

I would like to complete an internship, I just do not know what kind of internship I want. How can Career Services help?
Career Advisors are available, by appointment, to assist you with questions such as these:

Can I complete an internship not related to my major? 
What will I be able to do with my degree once I graduate? 
Where else can I apply my major? 
Are there related occupations that I am qualified for? 
What if I try an internship in my field and I don't like it?