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Interview Preparation

Interviews can be challenging, but being prepared will help you to be confident and present the best impression to your prospective employer. 

Use Examples

To prepare for an interview, you should review the sample questions for different types of interviews available on the right hand side of this page. As you work through these sample questions, make sure you are thinking of some good examples of past experiences that have given you important skills. Using examples in your responses makes for a great interview. You will really get a chance to tell your story and show off your personality and experiences this way. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor for additional assistance, or to conduct a mock interview.

Do Your Research

Another important way to prepare for an interview is to conduct research about the company prior to the interview. Once you have done this research, you will be better positioned to answer and ask questions intelligently.  The company website, along with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google can help you learn more about a company. Pay special attention to recent news and press releases concerning the company, as they will often provide insight into current projects, and things the company cares most about.

Show Confidence

Confidence is perhaps the toughest thing to come by in an interview scenario, but it makes a big impact on the employer's perception of you as a candidate. Preparation can absolutely breed confidence, which is part of the reason why practice is important. Understanding your own strengths and abilities, being knowledgeable about the company, preparing questions for the employer in advance, and presenting yourself professionally will all help you feel more confident during your interview. Check out our resources on the right hand side of the page to learn more!