Student Services

A variety of services are offered to Barney School students to ensure their learning experiences go smoothly.  

All Barney students are assigned a faculty advisor. Each semester students meet with their advisors to discuss registration for the upcoming semester. They can also discuss specific activities of interest based on their major and career interests. Students with a declared major are assigned an academic advisor in their major. Students who are undecided are assigned a faculty advisor who teaches freshman and sophomore courses. Once the student selects a major, they will be re-assigned to a faculty advisor in that area.

Our Academic Services Office provides additional support as needed. For example, they will assist with transfer credit, study abroad, and graduation audits. Contact information for our Academic Services team can be found here.

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Success Story

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Malissa D'souza, works at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and is enrolled in the MSAT program. She talks about her experience.