Charter and Committees
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Charter and Committees

The purpose of the Barney Leadership Council is to prepare students with the necessary skills and experience to be successful business leaders. Council members will gain practical knowledge through working with the university’s esteemed faculty and attending workshops with important leaders in the area. Learning about global awareness and social responsibility are essential in today’s ever-growing business world; therefore, the Council strives to work with the community to develop these values. By focusing on the personal and professional development of intellectual thinkers, the Council creates an environment for higher learning, leadership, and teamwork.

The Council consists of a group of highly motivated students that desire to move forward, to seek new opportunities, and to challenge themselves in finding solutions in all disciplines of business. Through active involvement in student-led committees, driven by the mission of the Barney School of Business, the members will improve their communication, networking, and organizational skills. Developmental workshops and first-hand experience provide additional opportunities for the students to advance their careers and gain new insight. By demonstrating the commitment to a strong work ethic, reputation, and character, the members reflect the prestige and honor associated with the Barney Leadership Council as they excel in their future endeavors, exceed expectations, and grow into successful leaders.

Events Committee

The Events Committee supports the Barney School by planning and coordinating activities in order to engage the student body in the life of the school and the larger community. These events provide members of the council with networking opportunities to improve their social and professional growth potential. Some examples of events include the traditional Barney Barbeque in the fall, career-focused skill-building workshops, Dodge ball tournament and Team pasta.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee seeks to attract and retain members with high leadership potential to be active participants of the council. The Membership Committee regulates membership through the recommendation of guidelines for contribution and conduct. Through the use of surveys and analysis, as well as the membership drive, the committee works to maintain a productive Barney Leadership Council member body. 

Fundraising Committee 

The Fundraising Committee works diligently to raise money for the Barney Leadership Council. Thier unique and creative ideas raise the necessary funds to give the council the financial backing to continue to operate in a manner that benefits the students who are apart of it as well as the Barney School of Business as a whole.