Entrepreneurial Studies Minor


Entrepreneurial Studies minor: Barney students - Credits: 12

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  • ENT 314 Principles of Entrepreneurship [3]

3 electives from the following courses (9 credit)

  • MKT 325 Marketing Communication [3]
  • BL 330 The Law of Business Organizations [3]
  • FIN 484 Financing a Small Business [3]
  • ENT 414 Seminar in Entrepreneurship [3]

Entrepreneurial Studies minor: Non-Barney students - Credits: 15

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  • All of the required and elective courses for the minors must be  taken for a letter grade.
  • Students must have a 2.0 overall GPA and maintain at least a  2.0 GPA for courses in the minor.
  • Courses cannot be double counted between 2 or more minors, students must take unique courses.

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