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All undergraduate students in the Barney School of Business are required to complete an internship as part of their major program. The internship is an on-the-job work experience related to your personal interests, career aspirations, and major field of study. Because the internship is required for your undergraduate business major, you will receive academic credit upon successful completion of the internship requirement. Because you receive academic credit for the internship, you must pay tuition for the experience.

In consultation with the faculty internship supervisor, select your internship. The University's Career Services Department can also help you develop ideas on what to do for an internship. They maintain an internship database which may be a good starting point to being your internship search. Watch Andrew Bombard discussing his internship.

When selecting your internship, please keep in mind the following:

To be eligible for the internship you must have:

  • Completed the necessary prerequisite(s) for your major
  • Completed BAR 211
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Completed at least 53 credits
  1. Your internship must cover a period of no less than 7 weeks.
  2. Your internship must cover a minimum of 200 hours of internship work. This time does not include travel to and from your place of internship.
  3. You may complete your internship either locally or abroad (e.g., at home during the summer).
  4. Your internship can be either paid or unpaid.
  5. Your internship must be approved by the faculty internship supervisor.
  6. Your internship must be completed in order for you to participate in Commencement ceremonies.

To register for the internship course, you must:

  1. Secure an internship job offer.
  2. Fill out the internship Learning Contract documents.
  3. Submit the completed Learning Contract documents for approval by the faculty supervisor for your major. For Summer internships they can be faxed or emailed in.
  4. Faculty supervisor will then help you get registered for the internship course. No student will be registered prior to the completion of all necessary paperwork.