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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare my Major?

At the end of your sophomore year, you must declare a major. If you do not feel that you are ready to make this decision, make appointments with faculty from the majors you are considering. They will be happy to give you information about the curriculum for those major and career opportunities. After talking with individual faculty in each major, you may then want to discuss each with your current advisor. If you need additional information about your preferences and interests, visit the Career Center.

How do I declare a Minor?

Each major has also identified a set of four (4) courses, which would constitute a minor in that field for a student who also has a Barney major in another area. You may declare a minor at any point in time provided you will have the opportunity to complete the needed courses. You should obtain an advisor in your minor area by completing a minor form in the office of Academic Services, A227, and then you and your advisor determine which four courses will compromise your minor. These courses are placed on a form and put in your file.

How do I transfer credits from another school into the Barney curriculum?

To be certain that courses you plan to take at another institution will transfer, approval must be secured prior to taking the course. The following steps are recommended to ensure a smooth transfer of credits:

  1. Secure a copy of the course description for the course you wish to transfer.
  2. Complete a Permit for Transfer Credit form.
  3. Make an appointment with an advisor in the Office of Academic Services (768-4444).
  4. If the course is a business course, the advisor will need to secure approval from the department chairperson.
  5. If approved, you may then register for the course.
  6. Once the course is complete and your grade has been posted, you must request an official copy of your transcript be sent to University of Hartfords Office of Admissions.

How do I determine my AUC course requirements?

Transfer Students with 15 credits should take three AUC courses, 30 credits take two AUC courses, 45 credits take one AUC course and with 60+ credits it is not necessary to take any. Students transferring into Barney after completing two years in Hillyer or HCW are not required to take any AUC courses.

How do I make up a missed exam?

The decision to give a make up exam rests with the individual instructor. If you are unable to take an exam during the scheduled time, you should notify the instructor as soon as possible, preferably before the scheduled time of the exam or as quickly thereafter as possible. When you return, ask your instructor if he or she will give you the option of making up the exam. This option is not available unless you have a good reason for missing an exam. A fee of $35 is charged by the Bursars Office prior to the exam. This fee offsets the additional costs of developing and administering a new exam.

How do I sign up for an independent study?

Departments offer independent study courses. Entrance to those courses typically requires upper division standing and/or the permission of an instructor. Independent studies are under the supervision of a faculty member in the area of study and may be variable credit (1-6). The method of evaluation is determined by the sponsoring faculty member who will award a letter grade. Independent study may be applied to the major at the discretion of the department. An independent study form should be obtained from the Barney Office of Academic Services and completed by student and faculty before the study begins. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate this process by finding a faculty member who will supervise the independent study.

How will I secure my internship?

All undergraduate students in the Barney School of Business are required to complete an internship as part of their major program. The internship is an on-the-job work experience related to your personal interests, career aspirations, and major field of study. Because the internship is required for your undergraduate business major, you will receive academic credit upon successful completion of the internship requirement. Because you receive academic credit for the internship, you must pay tuition for the experience.

In consultation with the faculty internship supervisor, select your internship. The career center can also help you develop ideas on what to do for an internship. They maintain an internship database which may be a good starting point to being your internship search. When selecting your internship, please keep in mind the following:

To be eligible for the internship you must have:

  • Completed the necessary prerequisite(s) for your major
  • Completed BAR 211
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  1. Your internship must cover a period of no less than 7 weeks.
  2. Your internship must cover a minimum of 200 hours of internship work. This time does not include travel to and from your place of internship.
  3. You may complete your internship either locally or abroad (e.g., at home during the summer).
  4. Your internship can be either paid or unpaid.
  5. Your internship must be approved by the faculty internship supervisor.
  6. Your internship must be completed in order for you to participate in Commencement exercises.

To register for the internship course, you must:

  1. Secure an internship job offer
  2. Fill out the internship Learning Contract documents.
  3. Submit the completed Learning Contract documents to the faculty supervisor for your major
  4. Faculty supervisor will then help you get registered for the internship course. No student will be registered prior to the completion of all necessary paperwork.

How do you plan for a study abroad experience?

We certainly encourage all students interested in the study abroad experience to explore the opportunities available to them. With the appropriate amount of planning, you can study abroad for a semester and still graduate within a four-year time period. The optimal year to study abroad is during the sophomore year, but junior year travel can be accommodated as well.

The Study Abroad Office, located in the Gengras Student Union, coordinates with almost 60 different destinations from which you may choose ( ). First, make an appointment at the Study Abroad Office, 768-5100, to discuss possible schools and their associated curriculum. Then, plan to meet with either your faculty advisor or a member of the Academic Services staff to plan your course of study while you abroad, ensuring most, if not all, classes will transfer into the Barney curriculum.

What is the University's policy on student illness?

There has been some confusion regarding the process that students should use when they are too ill to attend class, especially in the case of the need to make up a test or assignment.  In order to clarify this process, the following statements have been added to The Source online, in the Health Services section.  Please take note of this process.
Policy on Student Illness
If you are sick and cannot attend class, email the instructor in advance (or if not possible, within 24 hours of the missed class) and let him or her know.
Missing an Exam or Assignment:  Allowing you to make-up missed exams and assignments is at the instructor's discretion.  For the instructor to consider allowing you to make-up missed exams or assignments, you must do the following:
1. visit the University Health Center (UHC), a doctor, or hospital for treatment on the day that you are sick and get documentation of the visit for your instructor*, and
2. email your faculty member in advance (or if not possible, within 24 hours of the missed class) to tell him or her that you cannot attend and that you are seeking or have sought treatment.
Extended Illness:  Only in the case of an extended illness (a week or more), email the academic services office of YOUR college or school.  Documentation of treatment is required.
* Do not visit the UHC after the day you are sick, they will not issue documentation that you were sick on a previous day.

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