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Prof Gantt, Mixing Contraceptives, Religion and Taxes (4/5/12)

The Faculty Working Paper Series is a monthly event where Barney Faculty present their current working papers prior to pubication in an hour-long talk and discussion.  The coordinator for the series is Professor Farhad Rassekh.

Room A326, 12:15-1:30 p.m

This paper looks at the current
controversy regarding the Health Care Reform Act's
proposal to require parachurch organizations such as
Catholic Hospitals to participate in providing services
that the religious organization believes violates a tenant
of its fundamental beliefs. This paper does not address
conflicts between government and churches.  Instead, it
looks at the area that has created the largest controversy
which involves parachurch organizations.   This discussion
focuses on how far a state or federal government can go in
requiring a parachurch organization to provide services
that violate its beliefs.  Under certain circumstances
courts have held that the organization is free to follow
its beliefs, however the organization has had to forgo
funding or its tax exemption.  This controversy is not
limited to contraceptives.  Indeed, there have been a long
line of cases involving this issue including whether
church sponsored schools and universities had to admit African Americans
when that violated their religious beliefs to the U.S.
Supreme Court's decision in 2010 that a university
Christian club could be barred from receiving school
funding if it chose to discriminate in its membership by
not permitting gays as well as atheists to become members
or officers of the club. Prof. Karen Gantt

Red Impact Bar