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Our Bylaws

Chapter Bylaws

Beta Alpha Psi Chapter Mu Chi

Article 1: Name of the organization
The name of this organization shall be the Mu Chi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at the University of Hartford.

Article 2: The objectives and purposes of the chapter
Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary and professional organization for students of accountancy and finance. Its stated purpose includes recognition of outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting and finance; promotion of the study and practice of accounting and finance; provision of opportunities for self-development and association among members and financial information professionals; and encouragement of a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility. The organization seeks to develop its members’ professionalism through career-oriented, social, and community activities.

Article 3: Active Undergraduate Membership
To be admitted to membership in the organization, a student must successfully complete a semester as a candidate and attain minimum academic performance. Members must attend a minimum of 80% of the total meetings each semester and one community service activity per year. If 80% is not met the member will be placed on probation. If 80% is not met while on probation the member will the removed from the organization for 1 semester according to article 7 & 8 and must re-apply as a candidate. Members may not graduate with Beta Alpha Psi acknowledgment and tassels while on probation.

Article 4: Active Graduate Membership
Members must complete one community service per year and attend a minimum of 80% of the total meeting each semester with at least 3 of those meeting in person. If the requirements are not met the member will be put on probation for one semester. If the requirements are not met while on probation, the member will be dropped, as explained in article 7 and 8.

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Be a matriculated undergraduate or postgraduate student with a concentration in accounting or finance.        
  2. Completed at least one upper-level accounting course with a B or better.
  3. Attain an overall minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  4. Complete one course within your concentration by the end of the candidacy semester.

   5.  Payment of candidate fee as determined by the executive committee. The fee 
        covers national dues, organization pin, Induction Banquet, and social recruiting 

   6.  Complete service requirements.

   7.  Participate in a Mock Interview and Resume Critique Session.

   8.  Participate and attend the respective Induction Banquet pending faculty advisor’s 
        review and approval of academic standing.   

Member Requirements:
Members are expected to:

1. Attain an overall minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
2. Attain either:
       a. An accounting minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. The grade point average from your accounting concentration includes only upper level major courses, or
       b. A finance minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. The grade point average from your finance concentration includes only upper level major courses.
3. Participate in 80% of chapter service activities as organized by the executive    
4. Participate in 1 community service activity.
5. Payment of annual fee as determined by the executive committee. The fee covers
    the member attendance at social and recruiting functions.    

Article 5: Meetings for the conduct of business Actions requiring vote of the entire membership will require a one week notice of meeting and agenda. Persons may not vote by proxy. Both members and candidates in good standing are eligible to vote. The lesser of 20% of the membership or a quorum of University of Hartford chapter representatives are required to conduct a vote. The final decision will be determined by a majority of the vote. Actions requiring the vote of the executive committee, consisting of the elected chapter officers and faculty advisor, will require a 48-hour notice of meeting and agenda. Persons may not vote by proxy. An executive committee vote requires the attendance of at least 25% of the executive committee. The final decision will be determined by a majority of the votes.

Article 6: Resignation of members
Section 1. A member or Candidate may resign from Beta Alpha Psi by notifying, in writing, the Faculty Advisor and University of Hartford chapter president.

Section 2. The resigning member shall surrender the membership certificate and other Beta Alpha Psi insignia to the local chapter. The local chapter must forward the membership certificate to the Executive Office. All fees are nonrefundable.

Article 7: Expulsion of Membership
Membership may be revoked without mutual agreement for non-participation, misconduct, or violations of any previsions of the constitution. The member will be notified in writing of the possible revocation at least 72 hours prior to the vote and will be allowed to address the organization in order to relate to members any relevant defense prior to the voting for removal. Membership can only be revoked by 2/3 majority of the executive officers and faculty advisors. Revocation of membership will be valid for 1 semester. Membership may be terminated by resignation or expulsion.

Article 8: Appeal Process
Any student whose membership is revoked will have seven (7) calendar days to appeal the revocation. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the president and secretary, and must include any relevant information that has not already been presented. The President will then submit the appeal to the executive officers and faculty advisors. The officers and faculty advisors will then have a second vote to determine membership status.

Article 9: Committees other than the executive committee
Each committee will be headed by a chairperson that is appointed by the president. Participation is open to all members and candidates.

Article 10: Fiscal Year The fiscal year of the chapter will end on April 30th.

Article 11: Authority
These bylaws shall be the principle governing document of the Mu Chi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. These bylaws are subordinate to the International Constitution and Bylaws of the Beta Alpha Psi Organization. Any provision of this document that conflicts with the International Constitution and Bylaws of the Beta Alpha Psi Organization that is currently in effect will be null and void.

Article 12: Requirements for Amendment to the Bylaws
An amendment to the bylaws requires a majority of the membership to cast an affirmative vote in order for an amendment to be passed. Amendments may be proposed by the executive committee or membership.

Article 13: Student officers
Officer Elections
: The term of office will begin when the officers are sworn in at the Spring Banquet and end the following spring when the next class of officers is sworn in.

Elections are to be held in the Spring Semester prior to the upcoming academic year. One meeting is to be set aside for nominating the candidates. At this meeting, each candidate must be nominated by one member of the chapter. At the following meeting, each candidate will give a brief speech stating their goals, objectives, and reason for running for office. Then the membership will be given an election ballot. Each member will cast one vote which will be collected by the outgoing president. The president and faculty advisor will count the votes, the candidate with a majority of the votes wins. The non-elected candidate(s) will be given the option to drop down in the election sequence. The election sequence is as follows:

Co-Presidents (Graduate and Undergraduate)
Reporting Officer
Social Chair
Service Chair

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Preside over the destiny of the Mu Chi chapter of Beta Alpha Ps
  2. Lead the Chapter and promote Beta Alpha Psi’s objectives
  3. Observe the Constitution and Bylaws, preserve, follow, and update Chapter BylawsPromote high scholastic and ethical standards among the members, and establish a reputation of excellence for the chapter.
  4. Plan and implement both the Fall and Spring Semester schedules
  5. Coordinate the Annual Beta Alpha Psi Mock Interviews: Schedule the time and place of the event. Contact and correspond with the professionals who will be conducting the interviews.
  6. Supervise and ascertain that all officers are performing their respective duties.
  7. At the end of the academic year submit eligible candidates for initiation.
  8. Begin, conduct, and end all meetings.


  1. Prepare and maintain an official record of the actions of the Mu Chi chapter
  2. Maintain up-to-date records of all present and alumni members of the Chapter
  3. Report the activities of the Chapter to the Beta Alpha Psi’s National Office including reports of chapter activities, reports of initiations, and reports of any change in faculty advisor or student officers.
  4. Maintain attendance records in Excel and through Blackboard


  1. Responsible for the financial affairs of Mu Chi Chapter

   2.  Prepare the operating budget and financial position forecast, monitoring cash flows
        Record all transactions and safeguard the Chapter's resources  

   3.  Prepare the Chapter's year-end Report, containing the financial statements and 
        tax return

   4.  Send member fees and maintenance fee to the National Office

Social Chair

  1. Responsible for the social activities of the Mu Chi Chapter
  2. Determine the dates, times and locations of social events
  3. Present them to Chapter Executive Committee for approval
  4. Upon approval, make the appropriate arrangements (including set up and beverage and food arrangements if required) for the facility at which the social event is to be held
  5. Coordinate with the Executive Committee to publicize the events
  6. Maintain and update the contact list periodically.

Service Chair

  1. Responsible for service projects of the chapter
  2. Identify service projects in which chapter members can participate
  3. If a third party organization is involved in the service project, coordinate the project with the organization and determine the requirements to successful complete the project
  4. Communicate all arrangements for the projects with the chapter members
  5. Coordinate with the Executive Committee to publicize the service projects
  6. Maintain and update the contact list periodically.
  7. Maintain records of member attendance at these events.

Resignation of Student Officers: 
In the event that an executive officer wishes to resign in any other case other than the president, the president will appoint a new officer. If the president is to resign, the vice president will proceed to fulfill the role of the president, and the executive officers will elect a new vice president to complete the remaining term.

Removal of Student Officers:
The chapter has the power to remove an officer for continued absence or failure to properly administer the duties of the office.


s/s J. Donald Warren, Jr.                                                                                                        
J. Donald Warren, Jr., PhD, CPA – Acting Faculty Advisor

s/s Carl Smith                                                                                                                         
Carl Smith, PhD, CPA – Acting Co-faculty Advisor

Our Bylaws

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