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Core (six 3-credit courses) Credit
MBA 610 - Managerial Statistics 3
MBA 612 - Accounting Concepts 3
MBA 614 - Economic Analysis for Managers 3
MBA 616 - Corporation Finance 3
MBA 618 - Marketing Management 3
MBA 620 - Operations Management 3
Waivers or transfer possible based on prior coursework.

The core courses serve as prerequisites for the breadth courses. These courses can be completed online or in class. To enroll in any breadth course, the student must have completed the specific prerequisite listed for the course and must have a minimum of five of the core courses completed and be enrolled concurrently in the sixth core course.

Breadth (six 3-credit courses) Credit
MBA 705 - The Global Business Environment 3
MBA 710 - Leadership and Management 3
MBA 720 - Innovation and Project Management 3
MBA 730 - Managing Customer Interfaces 3
MBA 740 - Business Law and Society: The Global Environment 3
MBA 750 - Performance Analysis 3
Core is co-requisite. These courses may not be waived.
Electives (four 3-credit courses) Credit
Elective plans of study should be developed in consultation with faculty advisors. Students may elect a broad general orientation or focus on specific courses in one area of specialization. 12
These may not be waived. 
Capstone (one 3-credit course) Credit
MBA 810 Strategic Management 3
Completion of Core and Breath required or permission of instructor. Transfer credit will not be accepted for this course.