Dual MSAT/MBA Degree
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Dual MSAT/MBA Degree

Students who wish to earn both the Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation degree (MSAT) and the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) may apply to be admitted to the Dual MSAT/MBA degree program. Upon completion of all degree requirements, students will be awarded both the MSAT and MBA degrees. Students must apply to each program separately and meet the admission criteria for each program. Students then complete the degree requirements in the usual manner, with the exception of the number of electives and certain prerequisite overlap.

A student who meets all the accounting prerequisites and is waived from the MBA core classes can complete the dual degree with 54 credit hours. Students who need to complete the accounting prerequisites and/or the MBA core classes will add them to their program. With more employers requesting that students have both financial and management background, the Dual MSAT/MBA degree provides an opportunity to earn both degrees in an efficient manner.

Students should refer to the bulletin descriptions for the individual MSAT and MBA programs, adapted as follows:

Dual MSAT/MBA Program

MSAT Required Classes Choose either the Financial/Assurance or the Taxation Track

Financial/Assurance Track

  • AC 560 Taxation of Business Organizations
  • AC 715 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • AC 720 Advanced Auditing
  • AC 748 Seminar in Managerial Accounting Control Systems
  • AC 749 Seminar in Financial Reporting

Taxation Track

  • AC 560 Taxation of Business Organizations
  • AC 774 Advanced Taxation of Pass-Through Entities
  • AC 776 Advanced Corporate Taxation
  • AC 783 Research in Taxation
  • AC 789 Seminar in Taxation

15 credits

MBA Breadth and Capstone Courses

  • MBA 705 The Global Business Environment
  • MBA 710 Leadership and Management
  • MBA 720 Innovation and Project Management
  • MBA 730 Managing Customer Relationships and Experiences
  • MBA 740 Business, Law, and Society:The Global Environment
  • MBA 750 Performance Analysis
  • MBA 810 Strategic Management

21 credits


  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective
  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective
  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective
  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective
  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective
  • Graduate Business or Accounting Elective

18 credits

Total Credits for Students Meeting the Prerequisites for Both Programs

54 credits

Prerequisites Dual MSAT/MBA Degree Program

Students without an Accounting Undergraduate Degree would add:

  • MBA 612 Accounting Concepts
  • AC 320 Financial Reporting Theory I
  • AC 321 Financial Reporting Theory II
  • AC 332 Cost Management
  • AC 425 Federal Income Tax Concepts
  • AC 430 Auditing Concepts and Problems

18 credits

Students Without the MBA Business Core would add:

  • MBA 610 Managerial Statistics
  • MBA 614 Economic Analysis for Managers
  • MBA 616 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 618 Marketing Management
  • MBA 620 Operations Management

15 credits

For more information regarding the Dual MSAT/MBA program, please email Kristin Ingram, CPA at kingram@hartford.edu or call Barney Graduate Admission at 860.768.4444.