Barney School Students Go from the Classroom to the Boardroom
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Barney School Students Go from the Classroom to the Boardroom

              When I first learned about the opportunity to intern with First Monetary Mutual and Rex Wyon, I immediately emailed Dr. Lofink and said, “I want to do this!” To my good fortune I was selected and the next thing I knew I was leaving Long Island and embarking on an experience of a lifetime. 

                This was my first internship and I did not really know what to expect. I figured that I would be getting coffee for the team and shredding papers.  When I got to the office in New York City and got off the elevator, I had a flashback to a moment in my BAR 211 class “Exploring Career Opportunities” class. The moment was when we learned how to give a proper handshake. I know it seems simple but there are a lot of small components to make the gesture more effective. I walked into the office confident.

                In the city, we (the interns) were responsible for putting together the folders that the shareholders would receive as well as the itineraries for the members.  When we got to Bermuda we immediately got to work. We all met with Mr. Shashaty and had a team meeting on what needed to get done throughout the week.  After a day of prepping materials and setting up the meeting rooms, it was time for the meetings to start. I knew that I was ready because I have done a good amount of career ready programs. I know how to talk to people, engage with them, as well as act in a professional manner. I was competent.

                Being a part of the meetings was a learning experience in itself. I observed and took a copious amount of notes just because I felt like everything that was said was so important to know. I must have written at least 30 pages of notes.  I was also responsible for taking pictures of the meeting.

                I think that my favorite part of the entire trip was just being able to talk freely with all the members and shareholders that were in attendance. I also learned that when eating dinner together, business is rarely ever discussed, which I found interesting.  First Monetary did not treat us like interns but family. It felt like I have been working with them for years.  I networked with a lot of people who I believe are going to be very important people in my life and my future career. I am connected. 

                I met so many great people who will forever influence my career path.  I am extremely humbled and blessed to be given this opportunity.  This would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Lofink giving me exceptional guidance, the Barney School of Business preparing me to be career ready and Mr. Shashaty being an incredible mentor and making me feel like family.  It really is an unbelievable feeling being competent, confident and connected!