Total Compensation - Health, Retirement or Food
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Total Compensation - Health, Retirement or Food

The topic of last year's symposium was "Total Compensation - Health, Retirement or Food". It addressed a major shift occurring in employee benefits. In the past, medium and large employers have assumed the responsibility of the employees' healthcare and retirement needs by providing extensive benefits, both while an active employee and as a retired employee. Today, many companies have shifted from defined benefit to defined contribution plans. Some employers have frozen or terminated their plans altogether. Employers are faced with major decisions as to how they will finance their healthcare and retirement needs and still be able to afford the normal cost of day-to-day living.

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  • George M. Reider, Jr., Former Commissioner of Insurance, State of Connecticut; Former President of National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Moderator

  • Jack L. VanDerhei, PHD, CEBS, Profeessor Temple University, EBRI Fellow

  • Howard Levine, Principal, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

  • Nancy S, Wyman, Comptroller, State of Connecticut

  • Benedict Cozzi, Business Manager and President, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 478; President, Building and Construction Trades Council