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Academic Information

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Course Catalog or Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes (sometimes called the catalog or bulletin of classes) is published for fall, spring, and summer terms. The schedule is available well in advance of each term to allow ample time for registration. It is mailed to the homes of all registered, part-time students and is also available on campus at the Student Administrative Services Center. You can also access the current schedule of classes online by clicking here.

The schedule of classes contains important information on the following:

  1. Academic calendar
  2. Registration summary
  3. Specific University policies and procedures
  4. Final exam schedule
  5. Grading information
  6. Fees and billing
  7. Student service and resource centers
  8. Important administrative offices
  9. Shuttle service and dining on campus
  10. Testing services
  11. Degree and certificate programs
  12. How to read course information

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is a very important source of information. It contains the following dates and deadlines:

  1. Registration deadlines
  2. Start of classes
  3. University holidays and recesses
  4. Last day to change from audit to credit status (or from credit to audit)
  5. Last day to withdraw from classes with refund
  6. Last day to withdraw from a class and have it deleted from your record
  7. Last day to withdraw from a class with no refund
  8. Degree application filing dates
  9. Mid-semester academic warnings
  10. Important University events (convocation, homecoming, etc.)
  11. Last day to change from pass/no pass (P/NP) to letter grade, or from letter grade to P/NP
  12. Last day of regular classes (The final exam schedule is published elsewhere in schedule.)
  13. Religious observance calendar

Note: While the University holds classes during many religious holidays, students observing these holidays are granted excused absences, provided they notify their professors in advance. The University-recognized religious holidays are stipulated at the end of the academic calendar.

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are not always administered during the usual class time, though they typically take place in the same classroom where the class was held. Day classes have specific examination periods assigned to them; evening classes will often schedule exams during the regular meeting time (of the class) during examination week.

Note: Examination week is the week following the end of classes. Students are expected to be available through the end of examination week. For final examination schedules for winter, summer, and special sessions, refer to the course syllabus.