Helping Hawks FAQ
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Helping Hawks FAQ

What is Helping Hawks?

Helping Hawks, or Hawks Helping Hartford (as it began), is an annual tradition where members of the University of Hartford community take a day to go out into the community and give back! This tradition began in 2010, with students, faculty, and staff joining together and volunteering throughout the Hartford area and is rooted in the University's value statement "Committed to Community." Helping Hawks has grown with each year. Alumni Engagement is teaming up with the Center for Community Service to continue to expand this program outside of Hartford to alumni across the country and globe.

Can I still volunteer if...

  • I don’t know other alumni in my area? YES
  • If I did not get involved with Helping Hawks during undergrad? YES
  • If I have a significant other that also wants to volunteer? YES
  • I am only available for part of the day? YES

What if I'm not available on April 5?

April 5 is the day we are promoting to our alumni getting involved because it is the day that our campus community will volunteer in Hartford community. We are encouraging individuals to volunteer on Saturday, April 6 or Sunday, April 7 if they are not able to volunteer on the 5th, but are still interested in getting involved.

Can I volunteer on any (or all?) of the days?


What does a volunteer ambassador do?

This opportunity is for alumni that are looking to take on a more active role and want to be a leader for their geographic area. Volunteer ambassadors will recruit other alumni, take pictures at the volunteer site, and post on social media.

There are other alumni at my company. Can I volunteer with them?

Definitely! For alumni who work at companies where other UHart alumni are also employed, we encourage them to reach out to their employer for support to promote a group effort of volunteering together, representing both your company and the University of Hartford!

Does it cost anything?

No, it is free; there are no fees involved.

Do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation to volunteer sites; however, if transportation is an issue please let us know and we will see how we can help! If other alumni are also volunteering in your area, see if anyone would be interested in carpooling.

I have kids. Can they volunteer with me?

Yes, but we do encourage your personal discretion based upon the age of your child(ren), especially in regard to the volunteer site and type of tasks you anticipate to be doing there.

I don't want to volunteer alone. Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can! The more the merrier, especially if this will allow you to feel more comfortable volunteering.

How can I find a volunteer site in my area?

There are many online resources, including the ones listed below, that can help you identify local non-profits that are in need of volunteers.

  • Volunteer Match is one such resource which allows you to search through many different non-profits, based on your location.
  • United Way also allows you to search by location for various non-profits in need of volunteers.
  • Google Maps' search function is a great way to find non-profits in your area. Reach out to local organizations and see if they are in need of volunteers!

If you have any questions, feel free to email Brittany Guarna or call 860.768.2412.