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Alumni Board Vice President


The Vice President serves as an executive member of the Alumni Board and is responsible for stepping into the role of President as needed. The Vice President remains aware of all ongoing activities, events, recommendations of the board and reviews to enhance the quality and future viability of the board, its directors and members. The Vice President also serves as Chair of the Awards Committee.

It is also expected that each member of the Alumni Board will be an annual donor and supporter of the UHart Impact Fund and, if possible, make a leadership gift.

Description of Responsibilities

  1. Board Leadership, as member of the Executive Committee

    • Attends and actively participates in Board and assigned Committee meetings
    • Serves in place of the President at meetings and events where the President is unavailableLeads Alumni Board in regularly reviewing the board’s statement of its roles and what is expected of individual members
    • Assists the Board in periodically updating primary areas of Board focus and bylaws.
    • Helps shape the Board’s agenda based on the strategic planAssists Governance Committee in leading the Alumni Board in its self-assessment and develop recommendations for self-improvement
  2. Board Composition

    • Assists Governance Committee in assessing needs relating to Board composition e.g.: knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence and access to resources the Board will need in accomplishing future work
    • Interviews potential members as requested and explores their interest for Board service
    • Nominates individuals as candidates for Board and works with others to identify the appropriate role s/he might assume
    • Contributes to evaluation of Board members’ eligibility for re-election
  3. Awards Committee

    • Serves as Chair of the Association’s Awards Committee
    • Works closely with the Awards Committee’s staff liaison to determine timeline of Committee’s work and to solicit nominations for Anchor Awards
    • Participates in the Anchor Awards research and selection process; monitors Committee’s efforts in this area
    • Notifies award recipients of their selection and presents awards at annual ceremony

  4. Outreach
    • Supports efforts to communicate Alumni Association efforts and activities to the University and alumni communities
    • Regularly attends University of Hartford and Alumni Association eventsIdentifies potential alumni volunteers, sharing information with staff and other Board members
    • Uses every opportunity to widen and deepen the circles of alumni engagement and support in the life of the University
    • Serves as an advocate and ambassador for the Alumni Association and the University of Hartford

Summary of QualificationS

All candidates for Vice President are strongly preferred to have had at least one year of prior service associated with any University of Hartford board or committee as an alumna/us; proven leadership in the University community; good management skills; and strong communication, presentation and public speaking skills. It is recommended, but not mandated, that the Vice President will have at one time served on the Awards Committee. The Vice President also should demonstrate a superior ability to build and sustain strong relationships with alumni, parents, and friends of the University, as well as faculty, students and staff on the campus.


The term of office for the Vice President is three years, beginning July 1.

Staff Liaison

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Committee Responsibilities/Time RequireD

The Vice President is expected to attend all meetings of the Alumni Board, as well as participate in the Anchor Awards presentation each fall during Hawktober Weekend. The Vice President will serve as a member of the Executive Committee and will also convene and chair all meetings of the Awards Committee. In addition, it is expected that regular, on-going consultation and collaboration with Alumni Relations staff and members of the Awards Committee will continue throughout the year.