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Storm Advisory for Sunday, Jan. 20

A winter storm warning remains in effect for Hartford County until 7 p.m. today. Residential students are asked to postpone their return to campus to Monday afternoon or, for those whose class schedules allow, Tuesday. Students, please do not travel to and arrive on campus today.

Hartt Community Division activities today and this evening are canceled.

Scholarships and Financial Planning

Am I eligible for Scholarship or Financial Aid?

If you will be attending the University on an active (NOT expired) visa, you will be considered for a talent / merit based scholarship.  You will not be considered for any financial aid on the basis of financial need. 

If you are considered an *eligible non-citizen you should apply for admission and financial aid for US Citizens.  To learn if you qualify as an eligible non-citizen please click here.

International Scholarship

Undergraduate and Transfer students are considered for a partial tuition scholarship ($6,000.00 to $20,000.00). Scholarships are offered to the most qualified students making application for the Fall & Spring Academic Terms.  When you make application, you will be automatically considered for a this scholarship. There is no separate application required.  These awards will be renewed yearly providing that you maintain satisfactory academic progress. 

Performing Arts Scholarship

Students making application for the Bachelor's degree in Music at the Hartt School will be considered for scholarship on the basis of their musical audition ($5,000.00 to full Tuition- living expenses not included). Students seeking admission to study voice, or a voice related subject would be considered for scholarship only after completing an audition in the presence of a Faculty member from the Hartt School. Student must submit a completed application prior to February 1.

Artistic Talent Scholarship

Students making application for the Bachelor of Fine Arts will be considered for an Artistic Talent Scholarship ($5,000.00 to Full Tuition). This offer of scholarship will be made on the relative strength of their art portfolio. Student must submit a completed application prior to February 1.

Athletic Scholarship

As a NCAA Division I University we are able to offer scholarships to prospective student athletes ($5,000- full tuition and fees). Any consideration for scholarship must come after contacting the respective coach for your sport. Please contact the respective coach through the Athletic department.

Family Grant Program

A full-time undergraduate student attending the University of Hartford who has a brother, sister, parent or spouse also attending the University of Hartford during the academic year as a full time undergraduate student may qualify for a Family Grant. Under the Family Grant Program, one family member will pay full tuition and each additional family member will pay half tuition. The following conditions must be met by all family members in order to qualify for the the Family Grant. Each family member:

  • Must be enrolled as a full time, matriculated undergraduate student
  • Must be assessed full-time undergraduate tuition charges
  • Must be enrolled during the fall and /or Spring Terms
  • Is ineligible for payment from a third party source (Embassy, Company)
  • Must be of the same household and, if siblings, be dependent upon the same parent(s)
  • Must not have previously earned a baccalaureate degree

The University reserves the right to choose the family member to whom the grant will apply. The grant is renewable provided that the recipient maintains full-time academic status and meets the satisfactory academic progress requirements as defined by the student's school or college of the University and the other family member maintains full-time undergraduate status at the University. The Family Grant may not be combined with other scholarships or grants.

Alternative Loans

In addition to scholarship aid you do have the option of applying for an Alternative Loan.  To qualify for this type of loan you need to have a person that will guarantee repayment of this loan. 

This person must be a US citizen or a US permanent resident. For a list of lenders offering alternative loans please click here.