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Hillyer College

All courses in Hillyer College are limited to current Hillyer College students only. Any questions please contact the Deans' office at 860.768.4055.


ARB 111 Introduction to the Fine Arts

Painting, sculpture, architecture, and the minor arts are examined and analyzed according to basic principles and the society from which they emanate. Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, and American art in the 20th century are covered.

Laboratory Fee: $40

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867287TBADistance LearningOnline3Anderson

HSB 115 History of Western Civilization I

This course is a survey of the political, social, cultural, and economic developments of the West from the Ancient Period through the end of the Middle Ages.

1/3/18 - 1/19/1867300M-R1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.A 4223Koch

English and English Literature

ENB 110 English Composition and Literature

ENB 110 is designed to develop skills in the writing of clear, accurate prose using various rhetorical modes. ENB 110 must be passed with a C– or better before ENB 111 may be taken. Some papers require the use of secondary sources.

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867194Distance LearningTBAOnline3Ashuntantang

ENB 220 English Literature

Study of selected works in English literature from the Middle Ages through the Neoclassical period. Designed to develop an appreciation of literature as a creative art and as a commentary on the human condition.

Prerequisite(s): ENB 111

1/3/18 - 1/19/1867180M-F9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.A 4243Mayer

Mathematics and Science

MAB 110 Mathematical Foundations I

Development of the real number system, operations with polynomials and rational expressions, solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; radicals and exponents. A graphing calculator is required.

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867236Distance LearningTBAOnline3Cheser

MAB 111 Mathematical Foundations II

Topics for this core requirement include graphing in the coordinate plane, functions (exponential, logarithmic, and polynomial), systems of equations and inequalities. A graphing calculator is required.

Prerequisites: MAB 110, C- or better

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867243Distance Learning TBAOnline 3Cheser

SCB 110 Introduction to Human Nutrition

An introductory course that explores the role of nutrition science in health promotion and disease prevention. Topics include an overview of digestion; metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and alcohol; the biological role of vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, and phytochemicals; problems associated with nutrient deficiencies and toxicities; energy balance and weight control; and how to assess individual dietary intake and nutritional status.

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867274Distance LearningTBAOnline3Cloutier

Social Sciences

GVB 140 Current Issues in American Politics

This course focuses on how the American Political system deals with major domestic and foreign policy issues. Particular attention is paid to the process through which issues are identified, analyzed and debated, and policies are implemented and evaluated. Topics to be studied vary, but may include the economy, education, immigration, health care, the environment, terrorism, and foreign policy issues.

1/3/18 - 1/19/1867469M-R9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.A 3243Knapp

PSB 110 General Psychology I

This course focuses on the basic concepts and methods of psychology. Topics are selected from history, methodology, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognition, motivation, and emotion.

1/3/2018 - 1/19/201867482M-F9:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.A 3213Alderette

PSB 111 General Psychology II

This course focuses on the applications of psychology. Topics are selected from lifespan development, gender and sexuality, personality, psychological disorders, therapy, stress and health, social psychology, and psychology applied to the workplace.

Prerequisite(s): PSB 110. 

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867189Distance LearningTBAOnline3Alderette

SYB 170 Intro to Criminal Justice

This course provides an overview of the criminal justice system: how it operates, elements of the system (i.e., courts, prisons, sentencing, police, etc.), and its biases. In particular, students explore how gender, race and immigration status play a role in the criminal justice system.  Students also discuss ways to reform the system.

12/28/17 - 1/19/1867495Distance LearningTBAOnline3Tejada