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Other Cultures

Develop cultural empathy: the ability to understand different cultures and to appreciate that people of these cultures live rich and important lives. You will develop a sense of cultural relativity and realize that other ways of life can be just as valid as your own.

AUCC 110

Hunger: Problems of Scarcity and Choice

This integrative course, combining perspectives in social sciences and health, introduces students to the multiple dimensions of hunger. Various models are used to examine the causes and consequences of, and treatments for, hunger in the Third World and the United States. (Written Communication, Values Identification, and Responsibility for Civic Life)

AUCC 120

Literature and Films of Other Cultures

This integrative course combines perspectives in the humanities and social sciences to broaden student awareness of viewpoints and modes of living in other cultures. By studying literature and films produced by people of other cultures, students gain insights into the rich and complex beliefs and practices, lifestyles and aspirations of diverse nations. (Oral and Written Communication and Values Identification)

AUCC 140

Native American Cultures

By combining critical perspectives in anthropology, history, and the humanities, this integrative course seeks to broaden student awareness of the many complex Native American cultures. Topics focus on social, cultural, and political issues that have been central to the lives of Native American people. Readings are from various sources: history, literature, autobiography, anthropology, art history, and music history. Students are expected to write critical reports and participate in group art projects and presentations. (Oral and Written Communication and Values Identification)

AUCC 150

The Caribbean Mosaic

This integrative course provides an introduction to the complex and diverse Caribbean region, using readings, films, and other cross-cultural experiences. (Written and Oral Communication and Values Identification)

AUCC 160

Literature and Culture of Immigrant Groups in America

An introduction to the literature and culture of immigrant groups using film, literature, and cultural analysis. (Written and Oral Communication and Values Identification)

AUCC 210

Cultures and Transnational Corporations

This integrative course exposes students to the interactions between cultures and transnational corporations and the environments in which they operate, with special emphasis on the cultural dimension and its political effects. Topics include conflicts between host and home cultures, as manifested in the history of the transnationals; colonial heritage and cultural imperialism; governmental policies; trade restrictions and incentives; roles and power balance of transnationals and home/host governments; and questions of ethics. (Written and Oral Communication and Critical Thinking)