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Study Skills Mini-Courses

In each study skills mini-course students learn strategies for academic success in college, apply specific strategies to their own courses, and reflect on their learning goals and styles. Each mini-course is three weeks. Not available to students matriculated in Hillyer College. Grade: P/NP. Students may earn .5 credit for each mini-course successfully completed.

1. CRW 101 Time Management, Listening and Notetaking
Do you have trouble setting priorities and budgeting your time? Keeping an accurate record of class lectures and discussions is a foundation for success. In this mini-course you will practice strategies for organizing and reviewing your own notes before, during, and after classes.

Online worksheets (Horton & Orcutt copyright 2001):

1. Self Talk 1: Goal Setting
2. Assignment 1: Timetable
3. Time Management Tips
4. Pie of Life
5. Time Management and Reading Assignments
6. Self-evaluation Instrument
7. Cornell Notetaking Method
8. Anticipating Test Questions
9. Self-assessment of Notetaking
10. Analyzing Lecture Notes
11. More Lecture Tips

2. CRW 102 Reading and Remembering
Do you spend hours reading without remembering what you have read? Reading well requires more than literal comprehension. Build on your ability to analyze and synthesize your own reading assignments. Learn efficient, effective approaches to academic reading.

3. CRW 103 Preparing for Tests
This mini-course builds on the skills developed in CRW 101 and 102. Learn to get organized, plan ahead, and create review sheets for each exam. Learn specific strategies for taking different kinds of tests and for coping with test anxiety.